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4 Exterior Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

By Blue Corona Dev Aug 10, 2015

It may seem like we have another maintenance list for every season, and well, that’s because it’s true, we do. Your home’s roof, siding, windows, and gutters are working to protect you every day of the year. Simply put, your home’s exterior doesn’t get to take a summer vacation, so while it may seem inconvenient now, proper maintenance of your home’s exterior will keep your home functioning and looking great for many years.

August’s warm weather presents a great opportunity to inspect your home’s exterior, so we will discuss four aspects of CT exterior home maintenance.

Wash Your Home’s Siding

Give the exterior of your house a thorough cleaning to eliminate loose paint and dirt. Trust your vinyl siding contractor, get your scrub brush ready, and let your vinyl siding colors shine! Clean vinyl siding has a noticeable effect on curb appeal. Cleaning your siding is a much more intensive project than washing your car, though. If you aren’t up to the task, you can hire professional cleaners, or maybe some of the neighborhood children. If you want to more detailed information about best practices for cleaning your CT vinyl siding, check out this post.

Inspect for Wood Rot

You should inspect your house for wood rot at least once a year, preferably when it is most comfortable for you. Start by inspecting the areas that are frequently exposed to moisture. However, you will have to do more than look at your home’s siding, since wood rot has been known to form beneath the outer layer of siding. Probe wooden areas with your finger or a screwdriver, pressing on the surfaces to see if they feel soft or crumble. If you notice any issues, it is important that you call a professional right away, as you never know when damage will begin to exponentially grow.

Inspect Your Windows

Proper window maintenance will ensure that the hot summer heat stays outside. Start your window inspection by checking the sealant, ensuring that both the interior and exterior areas are secured. If you find any troubling areas, use caulk to seal gaps. Following this step, take some time to check the weather-stripping for any defects, and replace it immediately if there are any issues.

Clean Gutters

This tip may seem counterintuitive, knowing that the leaves will start to fall in several weeks; however, gutters protect your foundation from water damage, so it’s never too early for preventative maintenance. Since the fall has yet to come, it may be wise to invest in gutter covers. Gutter covers prevent debris from the roof and overhanging trees from falling into your gutters. With gutter covers, debris from the roof and overhanging trees can’t slide or float into your gutters. Instead, debris will be repelled by the gutter covers and fall harmlessly to the ground. You won’t have to worry about those nasty leaf clogs again.

The experts at Fiderio & Sons have vast experience with gutter installation CT and we recommend the GutterShutter system. We cannot emphasize enough what a significant role gutters play in maintaining the integrity of CT roofs.  A CT roof installation is very expensive relative to the cost of replacing gutters. As we head towards the dog days of summer, chances are your gutters could use a little TLC anyway, so give us a call for a free estimate

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