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4 Home Upgrades for Your CT Home Remodel

By bluecorona Mar 6, 2015

With every CT home remodel, the mantra is simple: add value to your home. There’s nothing wrong with adding some luxury to your house as it goes a long way toward making the space more cozy – and marketable when it’s time to sell. Not all “luxuries” are overly expensive either – they just make your life at home a bit easier and sweeter, and sometimes that’s all that matters, right? Here are a few of our favorite luxury remodeling upgrades that will certainly spritz up your home’s aesthetic and draw attention from buyers in the future.

Steam Shower

Who doesn’t love a quality steam shower? Steam soothes and relaxes muscles, opens sinuses and cleans pores. However, installing a steam shower is a major project that requires wiring for the generator, installing a tightly-fitting door; plus vapor-proofing the walls, floors and ceiling and more. Even installing a bathroom fan that sucks up the extra humidity is essential. One tip that we’d recommend is using a sloped ceiling in the shower room, so condensation runs off smoothly. Depending on the material, these showers can cost a pretty penny; fiberglass installations are priced up to $5,000 while framed units with generators cost up to $10,000.

Super Skylights

Skylights are roof windows that let sunlight into areas that you can’t brighten with windows. Hallways, closets and interior rooms are instantly lightened, and the skylights save you money on lighting bills, cooling and heating. Order screens to keep out bugs and roof debris if you plan on opening and closing the skylights. More expensive models feature solar-powered shades and rain sensors that automatically close open skylights in bad weather. Depending on size and complexity, super skylights can cost $500-$3,000 towards your CT home remodel.

Central Vac

A central vacuum is a super-suction system that features inlet ports throughout the house where you plug in 25 or 50-foot lightweight vacuum hoses. They have up to five times the power of traditional portable vacuums and store dust far away from where its collected. Central vacuums are so convenient because you’ll never have to drag your heavy vacuum cleaners up and down stairs again. All you need is a lightweight hose with a power brush. Make sure there’s enough ports in your home, and at least one for every 500 sq. feet. Central vac installations usually cost north of $2,000 with an additional $500 for a retractable hose.

Electrostatic Filters

Also known as electrostatic precipitators, these filters remove dust and are incorporated in your HVAC ductwork. They charge all of the polluted air with a high-voltage current, then collect the particles with the opposite charge. Electrostatic filters remove smoke, pet dander and pollen, helping improve air quality and overall health. However, they also create ozone which happens to be a lung irritant. These filters cost around $600 to $1000 installed.

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