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4 Myths About CT Kitchen Remodeling Projects

By Blue Corona Dev Jan 8, 2016

Kitchen RemodelingSetting aside money to invest in home improvement projects is not only beneficial for increasing the value of a homeowner’s property, but can also help to make a home more comfortable and practical for day-to-day usage. Your kitchen is typically one of the best rooms in the house to improve, especially if you spend a considerable amount of time there on a daily basis. Yet, some homeowner’s procrastinate on their kitchen remodeling projects, as they have been deterred by misconceptions and myths spread by misinformed word-of-mouth. So, continue reading to understand the logic behind these debunked myths and to find out why it is in your best interest to start a kitchen remodeling project as soon as finances permit.

Renovation Is Pointless If Homeowners Don’t Cook Frequently

While this seems to be true based on intuition, at some point, every homeowner will eventually have to enter the kitchen to prepare basic meals (unless you have learned to survive with out eating). A renovated kitchen with an updated aesthetic makes it more pleasant to spend time in the kitchen, especially if you improve your kitchen’s practicality. Also, kitchen remodeling projects increase the value of the house and this is useful if the homeowner plans on renting out or selling the property.

Kitchen Remodeling Projects Are Too Expensive

Sure, remodeling a kitchen in Connecticut can be quite expensive if you don’t plan accordingly. Ultimately, the price of remodeling a kitchen is influenced by numerous factors, and those homeowners who have smaller budgets can still improve their kitchens in a meaningful, impactful way. For instance, if you want to remodel on a budget, you can change your countertops, or invest in better lighting options which can help to save energy in the long term. Regardless, after the project is completed, you will likely be satisfied, as your kitchen looks better than ever before.

It’s Always Cheaper to Reface Cabinets Compared to Replacing

Out of all the myths, this is closest to the truth. A majority of the time, it is cheaper to reface cabinets rather than splurge on replacing them. However, if your current cabinets are in horrendous shape (i.e. they have water damage, cracked frames) refacing is not a good option. In fact, you’ll have to spend money to fix the old cabinets before you can reface them. In addition, re-facing doesn’t allow you to change the layout of your kitchen. If you hope to improve the “flow” of your kitchen’s cooking area or add some of today’s newer kitchen trends, replacing is your best option.

Style & Aesthetics Are More Important Than Storage

Many homeowners view a kitchen remodeling project as a prime chance to express creativity, creating a cherished space that is more stylish and trendy than the previous kitchen. While you may be tempted to create an awe-inspiring kitchen worthy of your neighbor’s jealousy, it’s essential that you don’t forget to improve the more practical aspects of kitchen design, like storage space. While visual appeal is important, especially as a selling point, it’s important to have enough storage to hide your clutter. As with most aspects of life, balance is key; so try to find a balance between looks and function, and you’ll be happier at the end of the day.

Fiderio & Sons | CT Kitchen Remodeling

If you are beginning the process of a CT kitchen remodel, take advantage of our offer for a free consultation. You can speak to someone about kitchen design CT, and an expert ct home remodeling contractor about what the process will be like. We at Fiderio & Sons are proud of the work we have completed. Our portfolio includes pictures of kitchens in Connecticut that we remodeled.

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