4 Ways to Repair Your CT Roof

By fiderioandsons Jan 1, 2015

Winter calls for annual home maintainence, and there are tons of small projects homeowners need to tackle over the following months to guarantee safety and prevent any extra expenses. One immediate project that should be handled is your roof. During winter’s harshest months, heavy snow and rain accumulation can cause an old, poorly-structured roof to collapse. Here are four ways to repair your CT roof, so you can enjoy a warm inexpensive winter.

Inspect Chimney

Look for any damage to caulking around the chimney and reapply where necessary. Use a putty knife to remove old caulk, clean and dry the area and spread a bead of caulk along the crack with an applicator. Then, let it dry for a bit. If there is any damage around the chimney, these features may need replacement.

Fix Shingles

Leaks can enter the home a good distance away from where the real roof damage occurred, so inspect all roofing material thoroughly. Run a hose across the roof and have someone inside alert you when any leaking occurs. All curled shingles should be inspected and straightened out. Soften the shingle with a non-open flame heat source like an electric hair dryer (excess heat can ruin the shingle) and reattach with copious amounts of asphalt roof cement around the edges. If the shingle was damaged, pry the nail outs and scrape underneath to remove any leftover cement. Then slide the new shingle in, hammer 1 1/4 inch nails into each corner and cover the nail heads with more cement.

Damaged Shakes

Split the damaged shake with a chisel and remove all of the pieces. If there are any nails that can’t be pried out, use a saw to cut them off. Make sure you don’t damage any good shakes in the process. Cut a new shake about a half inch smaller than the old one, and slide the new shake into place. If there are old nails that are still in the way, cut little notches into the shake so it can fit around the nails. Add the nails into the CT roof and seal them with caulking.

Roof Rolling

Roofing material can be tricky so inspect the roof for cracks and blisters. If there are any blisters, cut a line through the middle with a knife and squeeze out any water inside the blister so the area is completely dry. Spread roofing cement under the roofing material and press down. Then nail down each side of the repaired blister and cover the top with roofing cement.

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