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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your CT Gutters

By Blue Corona Dev Jan 15, 2016

Gutters are used to control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls and foundation. To keep your home protected from costly damages, make sure your gutters are working at full potential. This articles discusses what warning signs to look for that let you know you need a CT gutter replacement.

Cracks and Holes

One or two minor cracks and holes may not be an issue to your gutter. You can seal those spots and have functioning gutters for a while. However, you might find that you constantly need to keep sealing those sections or that your gutters are too old so more cracks seem to appear. It’s important if you have several of these damages, to get your gutters replaced right away to avoid leaks into your home and ice from taking over your roof and yard. The cost to replace your CT gutters will be a strategic investment from paying the amount it would take to repair and restore your home from water damage and mold.

Loose or Broken Fasteners

Loose fasteners can pose a serious problem as they allow the gutters to pull away and detach from the roof. You can hammer those fasteners in if necessary but if they seem to continuously need to be tightened, you may have a rotting problem and your gutters need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Broken fasteners are not difficult to replace and install but over time, the cause of broken fasteners may be due to several more severe reasons and if not taken care of right away can tear parts of your home apart. As the fasteners start to break, that puts more pressure on the remaining ones. That pressure can start to pull on the roof and rip off sections of your roof and siding making your home more vulnerable to damages.

Basement Leaks

If you are experiencing leaks in your basement but are unable to find the source, chances are your gutters are not functioning properly. Water pours near the home’s foundation, corroding the integrity as well as forcing leaks into the basement. Depending on the gutter damage, the leaks may not be noticeable until the air is musty and there is a high probability of mold. The other extreme is that your gutters were severely damaged and the water is pushed in all at once which floods your basement causing irreparable damage and costly repairs.

Peeling Exterior Paint

Gutters are meant to lead water away from the home but disfunctional gutters can actually lead water to the most unwanted places. When gutters pull away from your roof, the water seeps down your siding. This can, over time, start to destroy the siding and peel the paint right off. Peeling paint means this has been happening for quite some time and it’s probably time to replace your gutters before more damage occurs.

Sagging Pitched Gutters

If a proper pitch is not maintained along your gutter system, the water will build up in certain sections and spill over. This can create severe damages, as said before, such as leaks, ice damage, corrosion or siding damage. If this problem persists and you are unable to fix it, make sure you contact a professional right away who can get your gutters replaced quick and easy.

Fiderio & Sons | Gutter Replacement

Fiderio & Sons builds and installs seamless aluminum and copper gutter systems for Connecticut homes that are designed to handle the heaviest rainfall, safely and efficiently. Because our gutters are seamless there is no chance for leaks or splits. We mount them securely to your home to avoid gaps, and install wide downspouts to help keep water flowing freely. Each gutter system we install is designed specifically for your home and your roofing system. Whether it is new roof installation, or replacement of aging gutters, you can count on Fiderio & Sons to install quality gutters that will deliver many years of reliable service and value.

If you want to ensure your home stays secure throughout New England weather, check out the link below for a free full guide to your home remodeling needs or call 203-237-0350203-237-0350 for immediate professional gutter replacement.

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