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6 Signs Your CT Kitchen Needs a Remodel

By Blue Corona Dev Aug 22, 2014

It is easy to refresh your kitchen every once in a while by adding a new coat of paint or faucet, but sometimes a completely new kitchen is in order. How do you differentiate between your home’s needs for a remodel and your personal desire for that contemporary cooking station? Here are some things to look for when contemplating investing in a renovation project.

Poor Kitchen Layout

Analyze the overall space and identify some of your daily struggles and challenges. After, devise a plan that better accommodates your lifestyle. Are you single, in a relationship, a family of six, or are you aspiring to be next top chef? If you are not that gourmet chef, then you will need to ensure that you have plenty of surface area, storage and power in your appliances. If your kitchen needs to be multi-functional for your busy family and overall layout is no longer working for your, then it is likely time to upgrade your kitchen.

Cabinets Falling Apart

Do the doors on your cabinets refuse to stay closed and are they completely wonky and uneven when they are?  Is the paint chipping or the finish rubbing off?  Or maybe the drawers are sticking and unable to open or close anymore.  If you’re constantly frustrated with the condition of your cabinetry and your constant frustration then do yourself a favor and commit to a new cabinet design and style.  Do your research and find the cabinet style that speaks to you.

Damaged Flooring

If you find that your kitchen floor has cracks or soft spots when you walk across it, it is often in need of replacing. Cracked floors means spills can penetrate into your home’s structure and cause water damage and start rotting. Additional problems include soft spots, meaning the material is weakening and will eventually warp, making it uncomfortable and difficult to walk on. Older kitchen floors are often stained from years of spills and traffic, so a new floor material is a great way to spruce up your space and give it a refreshed look!
Outdated Appliances

Are your appliances the same as they were when the house was first built? This could be a very noticeable sign that your kitchen is starting to show its age, but more importantly could be costing you more money thank you might think. Recent advances in Green Technology have created a demand for energy efficient appliances that can save you time and money.

You’re Selling Your Home

As the kitchen becoming one of the most frequented rooms in the home, it is also becoming the major selling point. A newly remodeled kitchen has an ROI value of 68.9% so the investment is a smart one. And there’s no need to completely redo your entire space. Sometimes simply installing new countertops, appliances or cabinets can give your kitchen a fresh look. Most homebuyers prefer a home and kitchen that’s ready-to-go over spaces that require professional remodeling and DIY work after an exhausting move.

Lifestyle Changes

Everyone goes through some sort of change in their life, whether it’s having children, getting married or moving in with someone. These new adjustments might require a larger kitchen. Add island with more storage and prep space, a larger fridge for more food and new cabinets for more cutlery can make life much easier.

Fiderio & Sons

If you are beginning the process of a CT kitchen remodel, take advantage of our offer for a free consultation. You can speak to someone about kitchen design CT, and an expert ct home remodeling contractor about what the process will be like. We at Fiderio & Sons are proud of the work we have completed. Our portfolio includes pictures of nine kitchens in Connecticut that we remodeled.


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