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8 Ways to Tell If Your CT Roof Needs Maintainence

By Blue Corona Dev Jan 14, 2015

For obvious reasons, the roof is one of the most important components of your home and like everything, it will eventually wear out over time. As a homeowner, it’s vital that you pay attention to your CT roof’s condition. Even if it’s not in extremely bad shape, taking the necessary precautions prior to disaster would be a heady option. However, you don’t always need to call a professional to do periodic checkups – you can find the signs of damage yourself. Whether inside or outside, here are the best ways to tell if you need a new CT roof.


One of the quickest ways to tell if you’re roof has damage is in the attic. As long as you have a good light to inspect the space, you should be able to detect even the finest details. While looking, check for these signs of trouble:

Dark Spots or Trails

Dark spots are a surefire indication that moisture is in the roof and creating mold in the process. Moisture will cause immediate problems within your roof’s core and interior of your home’s wall.


If you find any water damage or leaks in the house, call a roofing repair company. It’s important to patch up any and all leaks as soon as you see them.

Light Shining In

This is the easiest indication that there’s a problem with your roofing. Any light shining in from the outside should be addressed quickly because if light is coming in, moisture is as well.

Sagging Areas

If the roof is sagging, that means there’s structural damage. Chances are something gave way, either due to moisture damage to the wood making up the roof or other external pressures from outside.


Getting on the roof is the most hands-on way of checking on the state of your roof. However, it’s not the safest option so make sure you’re using a ladder and are super careful while walking around.

Look for Wear

Roofing materials around vents and chimneys can wear quicker than anticipated, so keep out for any issues around those areas.

Moisture Problems

Mold and other moisture-related issues can ruin a home just as quickly from the outside as in. Note: water flows down a roof so getting to the root of the problem means tracking the problem higher up.

Overall Damage

On the roof, it should be fairly easy to detect anything out of the ordinary. Shingles will be split, contured or cracked, and tiles will be broken. Not all damage is found on the surface, so touch and feel around the roof to find the hidden areas.

Shingle Granules

Shingles shed more granules the more they age. If shingles get too old, you’ll find an outrageous amounts of granules in your gutters which will perfectly determine if you need a new CT roof sooner than later.

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