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All About Replacement Windows in CT

By Blue Corona Dev Jun 6, 2014

Spring and summer are common times to get replacement windows in CT because a lot of people notice drafts, or are unhappy about their steep energy bills. Summer is also a good time to get replacement windows in Connecticut because the dry summer air causes wood and other building materials to shrink. If you get a custom window fitted now, you have a greater chance of achieving a permanent tight seal. If you get windows installed to fit perfectly in the summer, the surrounding area could exand as humidity increases, which will let drafts enter your home.

Vinyl replacement windows are less prone to shrinking and expanding, but we still think this is a good time of year to install replacement windows in CT. Our brand of choice is Sunrise Windows. Sunrise windows are the most suitable for the Connecticut climate because they are able to resist changes due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Sunrise windows are also one of the most energy efficient brands manufactured. Each window from Sunrise is custom manufactured to fit the space you have. This is a major bonus for replacement windows in CT because modern standard-sized windows are not always compatible with the architecture found on the beautiful old homes in our area.  We have written a lot about Connecticut replacement windows, so we broke down the information we have to help you decide if, when, and which type of replacement windows are right for you!

Selecting Replacement Windows

There are many reasons to get replacement windows. Let’s start with basics: When Should you Replace your Windows? And How To Tell If You Need New Replacement Windows. If you do, you are probably wondering How Much Replacement Windows Cost In Connecticut. If you are in the market, read about common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Replacement Windows and Tips for Purchasing Replacement Windows in Connecticut.  After you’ve done the work and studied the hard stuff, have some fun with our post ‘How To Further Customize Your Replacement Windows.’ 

Types of Windows

Windows come in all different shapes and sizes. Read about some of the best Replacement Window Materials for a Connecticut Home and some of the Benefits of Vinyl Windows, one of which is energy efficiency.

Windows are rated for energy efficiency, but the system leaves many people asking What on Earth Do Window Ratings Mean? For more info, read How to Choose Energy Efficient Windows & Trim Your Bill. We narrowed down our picks for The Best Energy Efficient Windows and highlighted how Sunrise Windows Brings Superior Comfort to Your Connecticut Home 

Cleaning and Care

Condensation is common in the summer, and it can leave your windows looking dirty. If you tired of dirty windows and want to restore the clear view you once had, see Infographic: How To Clean Your Windows or learn how to avoid cleaning your windows altogether (the outside at least) with replacement windows that have easy-clean glass. Aside from condensation leaving water spots, Is Window Condensation Bad?

Window Treatments

Selecting Proper Window treatments has several benefits, from increasing natural light, adding privacy, and improving insulation. During this time of the year, a lot of people suffer from seasonal affective disorder. If you are looking to increase the natural light in your home, read the CT Window ‘Treatment’ Prescribed to Prevent summer Blues.  If you are having trouble deciding how to ‘dress’ your new replacement windows, we can help you decide between blinds or shades.

CT home replacement windows installers and contractors can help you make a decision or get started on the process. See our energy efficiency checklist for more detailed information!

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