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Bathroom Cleaning 101: How to Clean Your Bathroom Floors

By Blue Corona Dev Jul 14, 2014

As your local CT bathroom contractors, we get a lot of questions about how to upkeep our beautiful bathroom remodels.  For many homeowners, cleaning the bathroom floor is unappealing; however, it is necessary. We recommend cleaning your bathroom and bathroom floor at least once awake. Here are several of our favorite simple tips to help maintain your bathroom floor:

Sweeping Use a full broom to sweep all of the dust and grime from the edges of the bathroom wall. You may need a smaller handled brush to reach corners and behind the toilet or under the sink. A daily sweeping is the best way to maintain clean floors, especially if you have household pets.

Bath Mats and Rugs After you have finished sweeping, take your bath mats and rugs outside to shake them clean of any loose dirt or debris. Since the bathroom is one of the most used spaces in your home, we recommend shaking out your bathroom rugs at least once a week. If you want to freshen up your bathroom mats, but don’t have the time to wash them, try spraying them with your favorite fabric refresher. If you have time to clean them, put them on a gentle cycle in the washing machine with dirty towels. It’s a good idea to wash bath mats at least once a week.

Washing Always clean your bathroom floor with a cleaner that is safe for your floor type. If you aren’t sure what types of products you should use to clean the floor, ask your local bathroom contractor. Here are a few of our bathroom floor cleaning tips:

Vinyl Bathroom Floors: Use a 50/50 mixture of hot water and vinegar or hot water and ammonia. Try to avoid using harsh cleaners on vinyl flooring as they could damage the surface or leave a sticky residue. If there are any persistent stains that your just can’t seem to get rid of, try using hot water and a small amount of bleach on the stained area.

Hardwood Floors: To best clean hardwood floors use a wood-cleaning product. Saturate a small rag, mop, or sponge with the cleaner then carefully wipe the floor. Hardwood floors can accumulate scuffmarks or heel marks over time. To remedy this, use a small amount of dishwashing detergent. If your hardwood floor has any marks or stains try rubbing the area with vinegar or diluted bleach.

Ceramic Tiles:  First, run a damp mop over tiled floors, using warm water for a daily floor refresh. If there are stains on the ceramic tiles, try using 1/2 cup vinegar mixed with a gallon of water. The best way to maintain the appearance of your ceramic tiles is to consistently rinse the floor with clean warm water. If there are any persistent stains on your ceramic tile floors, prepare a paste of scouring powder and warm water to rub directly onto the stain.

Here are a few additional tips to help keep your bathroom floors clean and sanitized:

  • Try to keep a window open to prevent mold from growing when the shower is in use.
  • If you don’t have a bathroom window, make sure the fan is on while showering.
  • Sweeping and mopping weekly will stop grime from building up and help to keep the bathroom clean and mold/mildew free.
  • Add an absorbent rug in front of your bathtub or shower to stop the floor from getting wet.

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