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Benefits of Internal Blinds for CT Windows and Patio Doors

By bluecorona Jan 24, 2014

Internal blinds (aka between glass blinds) are blinds that are contained between two panes of glass. Internal Blinds are becoming an increasingly popular choice for windows. CT exterior door installers most commonly install them on patio doors, but certain types of storm doors and entry doors can also include internal blinds. We think these are a brilliant invention, but we will review several advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide for yourself.

Advantages of Internal Blinds:

1.   No more dust!

Blinds are a favorite window treatment because they provide the most light control, and doctors recommend them for a healthy home. Blinds and shades collect less dust than drapes and curtains, but they aren’t immune to it, either. Dusting window blinds is a frustrating chore. It is difficult to do a perfect job because you disturb dust during the process, and it will resettle later. Even the most diligent homemakers put this chore on the bottom of the to-do list. Although it can be easy to ignore dusty blinds, your doctor might chide you for your laziness. Approximately 20 million Americans suffer from dust allergies which can cause asthma and rhinitis. The rest of the ‘non-allergic population’ is at risk, too. Dust is an irritant. Our lungs do have mechanisms for eliminating some of the dust we inhale, but it is not a perfect system and reducing exposure reduces risk. (More information on how dust affects your lungs). Good housekeeping helps to protect lungs from dust. Limiting clutter, carpets, and upholstery in your home, combined with regular dusting and vacuuming will reduce the amount of dust in your home.

(Image: Larson Storm Door)

There are all kinds of creative tricks for dusting blinds, including the use of bread, socks, and drier sheets, but if you just can’t force yourself to do it on a regular basis, we suggest you get internal blinds.  Dusting blinds can aggravate people with severe allergies. If you are one of those people, consider internal blinds.

2.   No rattling from the wind!

Traditional Blinds can create quite the ruckus on a windy day. Internal blinds are quiet!  This is a huge advantage for a patio door.

3.   Cordless:

The cord is contained between the panes of glass as well.  Usually a magnetic operator controls the system. This provides the same light control, but it is easier to use and is also a great safety feature. (image via Larson)

4.   Insulation:

Having two panes of glass actually more than doubles the insulation.  The air gap between the glass helps to maintain a stable temperature indoors and can reduce heating and cooling costs. The effect is most significant on south and southwest exposures of you home, where you want the most light control anyway.

5.   Easier entry and exit through sliding patio doors:

You need to move traditional blinds out of the way when you want to open your patio door, but internal blinds move with the door.  It’s easier, and prevents damage from blinds getting closed in the door frame. (image via ProVia)

6.   They stay clean and looking like new:

Since the blinds can’t be crushed, bent, spilled on, or exposed to any fine particles, they last longer and look better.

7.   No separate installation of window treatments:

If you are getting replacement windows, you don’t have to worry about buying and installing separate blinds or other window treatments.  This convenience saves a lot of money.


1.   The color selection is more limited and you have to take the window apart to change it if you redecorate.

2.   They are permanent: if you change your mind about internal blinds you are going to need new windows.


Sunrise Windows:

Sunrise windows manufactures internal blinds for sliding doors in standard and custom sizes.  The magnetic side slide allows for easy operation.  There are two options for windows: tilt-only and lift and tilt.  Tilt-only blinds from Sunrise Windows are great for Casement and awning windows because they allow for operation of the blind without removing the screen.  Other types of Sunrise Windows have lift and tilt operators. The blinds come in 5 colors: silver, sandstone, white, gold, and almond.  Sunblinds from Sunrise Windows are compatible with Vanguard patio doors as well.

ProVia Patio Doors:

Internal blinds on ProVia patio doors provide light control, privacy, and easy cleaning.  The only drawback is that they are not ENERGY STAR qualified.  Certain window tints can improve energy efficiency                                

Larson Storm Door:  

Internal blinds are available on hinged storm doors. They are easy to operate and provide UV protection and privacy.

Therma Tru Door:

Internal blinds are now an option for Therma Tru patio doors and entry doors.  They have a tilt option, which allows some light in, but they do not move up and down like traditional blinds.  The surrounding glass is insulated, tempered, and double-paned. For replacement entry doors, Therma Tru consistently receives positive reviews.


Internal Blinds are becoming increasingly popular. CT exterior door installers at Fiderio & Sons have heard many positive reviews from customers. If you are getting replacement windows or installing new patio doors, we strongly recommend selecting the option for internal blinds, but you should take a look at them first. Internal blinds are part of the window so you can’t opt out of having them. Stop by our Meriden showroom to see them in person and consult one of our designers!

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