Best Garage Doors CT – Curb Appeal and Energy Efficiency

By fiderioandsons Jan 6, 2014

Garage Door Replacement

In a previous blog, we compared the average cost and Return on Investment (ROI) to select and rank our top 8 picks for interior and exterior remodeling projects.  We are revisiting our top pick: Garage door replacement.  Garage doors ranked #1 for exterior renovations in ct because of their impact on curb appeal, energy efficiency, cost, ROI, and ease of installation.  In this post we will explain the benefits of replacing your garage door and recommend some of our favorite garage doors.

Curb Appeal

Most of the exterior renovations on our list made it there because of their impact on curb appeal.  The importance of curb appeal is recognized by realtors, home remodeling contractors, homebuyers, and anyone who is selling, but it is often overlooked by others. The curb appeal of your home affects you the most while you’re living there! There is a subtle but pervasive psychological benefit to enjoying your home and its appearance. If your home is already in the right location for your needs, but you don’t smile when you pull into the driveway after work, simple exterior renovations can make a huge difference.  Garage doors are large: they can represent up to ‘ of the side of the house seen from the road, so imagine what a difference an upgrade could make. Or see it for yourself. Exterior remodeling design software from Clopay allows you to see exactly how a new garage door could improve your home’s curb appeal: Upload a photo of your home or choose a sample photo and design.

Cost and ROI

Replacing a garage door in New England produces the highest yield per dollar invested of all remodeling projects for both midrange and upscale homes. Replacing a garage doors costs about $1,545-$3,003, and returns 74.5-78.4% (remodeling cost vs. value report 2011-2012)

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

If you can’t justify buying a new garage door for aesthetic reasons, we have a more practical reason: keeping your garage temperature above freezing.  A lot of people, understandably, don’t think having an insulated garage door is important since garages aren’t usually heated, but Lauren Hunter (writer, Remodeling Magazine) points out a less discernable benefit:

‘In the winter, garages with insulated doors get cold, but not necessarily freezing. That’s an important distinction, notes Clopay senior product manager Justin Evans. ‘If it’s 20 degrees outside and all you have is a [non-insulated] pan door, your garage temperature will be around 30 degrees,’ he says, citing data from the Clopay engineering department. With an insulated door, that temperature is closer to 42 degrees. ‘One’s below freezing and one’s above freezing. That makes a big difference.’ The article lists several other benefits of insulated garage doors.

When garages temperatures fall below freezing. The lead acid battery that you count on to provide the cranking amps that turn your engine over won’t be able to deliver its full output when your car is too cold. The water in your engine’s coolant will begin to crystallize, and your fuel will start to gel. Oil designed for normal engine operating temperatures (above 180′ F) will gel, robbing your critical engine components of protection, which can lead to oil sludge down the road.

If your garage has interior or exterior hose bibs, the pipes feeding them can easily freeze without adequate garage insulation. Insulated garage doors can prevent these problems.

John Fiderio, Home Improvement Contractor CT, notes that garages can also serve as a buffer zone between your home and the outdoors. Most people enter their homes through the garage door, so if the temperature in the garage is moderated you can avoid bursts of cold air (or warm air in the summer) as you enter and exit your home.  We don’t have specific numbers for how much an insulated garage door can save on heating and cooling costs, but the impact on both your bills and your comfort is significant.

Best Garage Doors CT

Choosing garage doors that complement your home siding colors will boost curb appeal.Your quality home remodeling contractors in CT recommend insulated Clopay garage doors. Below are brief descriptions of some of their collections, divided into two groups: traditional and carriage-style. There are even more styles to choose from on their website. 

Traditional Garage Doors CT

Collection Style R-Value Price
Durable Flush Steel Panels. Complements traditional and modern homes. Optional windows 6.5-18.4 $$
Short, long, or flush panel designs constructed of 2-3 layers of steel, plus insulation. Offered in 8 paint colors, or Ultra-Grainstained wood look. Optional windows


4.4-18.4 $$-$$$
Raised, recessed or flush panels. Paint or stain-grade wood in hemlock, cedar, or redwood. Optional windows 5.9 $$

Carriage Style Garage Doors CT

Collection Style R-Value Price


Rustic, low-maintenance faux wood in walnut or medium, window and grille options 18.4-20.4 $$$$$
Cedar, Redwood, Fir, and Meranti available with 7 finish options. Optional windows and decorative hardware.


6.0 $$$$
COACHMAN’ collection


Complements Craftsman, Shaker, Traditional, French Country, Tudor and Victorian homes. Wrought iron hardware. Swing-out appearance, overhead operation. Over 100 style combinations 6.5-18.4 $$$


Grooved-panels give a vintage-style appearance. 5 paint colors or Ultra-grain stained wood look. Swing-out appearance, but overhead operation 6.5-18.4 $$


4 paint colors, optional windows and decorative hardware, swing out appearance, overhead operation 6.3 $$

CT Exterior Door Installers

Fiderio & Sons has been recognized for over 35 years as a team of quality home remodeling contractors CT.  Replacing your garage door is our #1 pick for exterior remodeling projects because it has a high ROI, boosts curb appeal, and it is easy. CT exterior door installers can complete this project in just a few hours. Incorrect installation can void warranties, so we recommend that you hire a professional. It takes most homeowners who ‘DIY’ several days to complete the installation.  We hope that you consider this project.  A new garage door will make your home pleasing to the most important eyes-yours. If you go for it, choose an insulated door and let the pros at Fiderio & Sons install it!

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