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Best Solution for Bathroom Lighting CT – Velux Skylights

Bathroom Lighting CT

Bathrooms require proper lighting more than any other room. Bathrooms also tend to be the smallest, and darkest rooms.  A good CT bathroom design should include a combination of natural light and artificial light, but compact fluorescents alone create an uninviting atmosphere.  The location of windows, as well as window size, shape, glass type, and accompanying window treatments all affect the type of natural light that comes into a room.  Skylights are the best way to bring constant and even natural light into bathrooms without sacrificing privacy.  The light is also softer. There are many other benefits of choosing skylights for bathroom lighting:

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Benefits of Skylights

More light, and better light: Skylights can provide 30% more light than vertical windows. As we get older, we demand more light to see. By age 60, most people require 2-3 times more light to see as well as before. No matter how old you are, inadequate lighting strains your eyes.   Skylights are the way to go for soft balanced light that reaches the whole room, including deep hidden corners. Overhead light also reduces glare. Skylights provide the best type of bathroom lighting in CT for people of any age.

Ventilation: Bathrooms are prone to mold problems and require ventilation.  Skylights that can open are a bit more expensive than fixed skylights, but it is worth it for bathrooms.  Skylights reduce condensation buildup and improve indoor air quality.  Most people don’t recognize bathrooms as toxic places in the home, but think about all the chemicals you use in there: hairspray, bleach, nail polish remover, glass cleaner.  Bathrooms can also get pretty dusty. Notice the dust that flies around every time you tear off a piece of toilet paper? Velux skylights with venting capabilities not only remove these odors and fine particles, but they also make your bathroom a lot healthier.

More wall space: Skylights are a much better option for small bathrooms than other types of windows because they make the room feel more open, and they don’t take up any wall space.  You can use that space for storage instead.  Our CT bathroom design team ranks installing skylights as one of the top small bathroom ideas. Skylights are an especially good idea for small attic bathrooms that don’t have windows at all. All the bathrooms below are decorated differently, but the pleasant lighting is what really stands out in all of them:

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Privacy: It is inconvenient to close the blinds before your morning shower, and then open them to put on your makeup, or shave.  Most people just leave their blinds closed all the time, but natural light is easier on the eyes than artificial light, and allows you to see better. Unless you live next to an airport, privacy is not an issue for skylights.

Health Benefits: Twenty percent of Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to some degree.  Lack of exposure to natural light and short days trigger the symptoms of SAD, which include fatigue and depression.  Having exposure to natural light is most important at the start of the day, and for most people, the bathroom is the first stop after the alarm goes off.  Skylights are the best way to transform a dismal environment of compact fluorescents into a light, bright bathroom.

Home Re-Sale Value: According to the NAHB National Home Shopper’s Survey, 65% of homebuyers seek bathrooms with overhead lighting.  Skylights are also the number one upgrade for ‘dream bathrooms.’ (Research by American Standard) In general, remodeling or renovating a bathroom has a high return on investment. As does a bathroom addition in CT. Check out our bathroom remodel checklist from more ideas!

CT Bathroom Design Tips:

Location: Skylights on roofs that face north provide soft, diffuse lighting throughout the day.  This is the best location for skylights in bathrooms because soft light allows you to see clearly for tasks like applying makeup.  A skylight on an east-facing roof slope will provide maximum light in the morning.  Skylights on east-facing slopes directly over a shower can help wake you up in the morning! Position your skylight so that it that will provide light in your ‘work areas’ (bathroom vanities and mirrors.) Also consider how it will affect the aesthetic of the room.  Try to align skylights with a door or some other feature, or center it to achieve an organized look. Call our award-winning CT bathroom design expert for more tips!

Skylights are generally added to improve the inside of your home, but don’t forget about your home’s exterior! Take the advice of a CT home remodeling contractor with over 39 years of experience: Skylights that face the street are uncommon for reason.

Size: Think Big! A small skylight won’t add much natural light and it is not worth the effort.  Installation makes up most of the cost of adding a skylight, and size has very little effect on the installation cost. According to, if a room does not have many windows, a skylight can be around 15% of the room’s total floor space. If the room has several large windows already, go a bit smaller.  Your CT contractor can advise you on the right size for your space. 

Other Considerations and Options:

Window Treatments: Velux Skylights come with many options.  Venetian Blinds are the best way to adjust the light as you please.  Roller Shades can help diffuse light.  (more tips on blinds vs shades) All accessories from Velux can be controlled remotely, so don’t worry about difficult operation.  Velux also offers solar blinds, which qualify for a 30% federal tax credit.  Any of these options can be added at the same time as the Velux Skylight installation itself.

Energy efficiency is as important of a consideration for skylights as it is for any other type of window.  All Velux skylights are energy star rated.  Velux Skylights use Low-E glass with argon gas for optimal energy efficiency.  They are engineered to maximize the amount of good light that enters your home, and filter out UV rays.  Vented Skylights can also serve as a passive air conditioner.

Tint? Velux skylights filter out most harmful UV rays, so there is no need for tints.  The point of a skylight is to increase natural light in your home, and a high quality skylight should be able to accomplish that without adding glare.

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Velux Skylights Installation and Bathroom Planning Guide:

If you are considering a bathroom addition in CT, or small bathroom remodel, ask your contractor about skylights.  Skylights can help open up a small bathroom, and they provide the most even bathroom lighting in CT. Velux Skylights come with many options and configurations.  Refer to their guide to determine which skylights are best for your home, based on your roof type, roof slope, venting preferences, and glazing type.  Make sure to choose a contractor who understands the Velux skylight installation process. Not all roof slopes are compatible with Velux skylights, but there are other ways to bring in overhead light, like a sun tunnel.   Consult a CT home remodeling contractor for more advice, and check out our dream bathroom planning guide for other ideas:

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