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By fiderioandsons Feb 10, 2014

Our Favorite Ideas for CT Custom Kitchen Remodeling

1) Kitchen Islands:

We are trying to stay away from ‘hot trends’ in this post and instead share our sincere, personal preferences, but we have to go with the crowd on this one. Kitchen islands are great, but they can also turn into a dumping zone. Kitchen islands are advertised as great places for the family to convene, but if this is true, family members will go straight to the island, and deposit phones, keys, watches, mail, homework, and who knows what else, on the ‘cooking area.’ It is pretty easy to include storage in a kitchen island. The picture below (via www.houzz.com) is just one example, but we complied a collection of great kitchen islands on Pinterest

These should serve as inspiration, bet we are talking about ct custom kitchen remodeling.  Think about what will best serve your family. We are surprised that more kitchen islands don’t include storage on multiple sides. Everyone could use extra storage, even if you have a well-trained, neat family. Talk to your CT home remodeling contractor about adding storage to an existing island.

You will need to select the countertop material for your kitchen island. In most cases, it will look best if it matches your other kitchen countertops.  We suggest re-doing all of them. Do your homework. Countertops materials vary in price, durability, and functionality. Our favorite resource for countertop materials is Anthony Greer at www.thecountertopinvestigator.  He is an expert and a thorough, fun writer.

2) Sunny Dining Nooks:

Sunshine creates a pleasant atmosphere and puts a smile on everyone’s face. Bow windows in CT kitchens can create a dining area that is practically a sunroom. A breakfast area surrounded by wide bow windows can enliven you and your family. A cheery day starts with a bright beginning.

CT bay and bow windows have a similar effect of bringing the outdoors in, but there are some major differences between the two. Another important decision is which brand you choose. We recommend Sunrise windows. Installing bay and bow windows requires a bit more work than other types of windows. Make sure you choose a quality product. The range of window prices is much greater than the range of installation costs.  It does not make sense to invest in the installation if you choose low-quality windows. Sunrise windows are durable, energy efficient, and attractive.

3) CT Bay Windows:

One of the best places for bay windows is behind kitchen sinks. One of the main benefits is added space. Bay windows project outwards, and provide additional counter space. Use it to grow plants, add depth to the room, or store other items. CT bay windows also provide additional lighting and panoramic views of your yard. (image via www.followpics.net)

4) Modern Appliances:

Plastic refrigerators are a turn off.  Even the best kitchen design and most refined decorating cannot compensate for the unsightly appearance of dirty antiquated appliances. It is 2014. Appliances are no longer just functional; they are also stylish. Stainless steel looks fresh and clean and modern. CT home remodeling contractors do not sell refrigerators; we have no monetary incentive to tell you this. There are some really attractive ovens and microwaves out there, too.

5) Overhead light:

When you walk into a room with large skylights, you probably don’t raise your hands up, close your eyes, and say ‘ahhhhhh!,’ but only because that would come across as strange behavior. There is no doubt that Velux Skylights transform rooms in a way that just makes humans feel revived and happy.  Making your home a happier place is the best rationale for taking on a home improvement project, but there are many practical reasons to consider a Velux skylight installtion during CT custom kitchen remodeling. Velux skylights improve energy efficiency and ventilation, provide more, and better lighting, put less strain on the eyes, and are associated with other health benefits. Ventilation is particularly important in kitchens. Vented skylights allow heat, moisture, and odors to escape so that the air is as fresh as it looks. The benefits of installing skylights in bathrooms apply to kitchens as well.

6) Farmhouse sinks:

A lot our favorite designers* on twitter have been talking about farmhouse sinks lately. Farmhouse sinks are traditionally considered to be old-fashioned, but they pair perfectly with even the most modern kitchens. In a classic kitchen, they actually look more modern and create a pleasing contrast. Kohler has been our favorite manufacturer of sinks for a long time. They have a great selection of Apron-Front and Farmhouse sinks.

* @anthonygreer101 @NormandyRemodel @DesignersDirect  @pberk @FunHouseHome @Riverbend_Home  @Laurie_March

There are many great ideas out there for CT custom kitchen remodeling.  Our favorite ideas include increasing natural light with CT bay and bow windows and Velux skylights, adding a kitchen island with storage to create a more family-friendly environment, and choosing attractive appliances.  Research is the first step towards a successful CT kitchen remodel. Remember to consult an expert, and remodel at your own pace. We are offering a free consult for ct custom kitchen remodeling. Run your ideas by us, see our portfolio for ideas, or stop by our Meriden showroom.

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