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CT Entry Doors: How to Fix Common Problems

By Blue Corona Dev Sep 24, 2014

Poor entry doors They have to defend your house against rain, wind, changing temperatures, as well as the wear and tear of everyday life. Admittedly, a door will eventually dent or need replacement weather-stripping. Listed below are some of the more common adjustments that you may need to make on your entry door. Keep in mind the material your door is made out of: you may need to take precautions for certain woods.

Maintaining and Repairing CT Entry Doors

Over time you may notice that your entry door sticks, creaks or does not close as easily as it should. If your entry door is made from wood or other organic material, it is susceptible to extra wear and tear. Wood expands and contracts with different levels of humidity; therefore, you may need to make simple adjustments to be certain your entry door is still plumb in the door way and can easily open and shut. Of course, there are other factors that influence how much time you spend repairing your entry door. For example, if your house sees a good deal of foot traffic, your door is more likely to suffer from damage due to high-usage.

Squeaky Hinges

If your door squeaks when you open and shut it, you may need to lubricate your hinges with silicone. Remove the pin and lightly scrub the pin, barrel and hinge leaves with steel wool. Then coat with a thin layer of silicone spray or light penetrating oil.

Repairing a Sticking Entry Door

If your door is sticking, you may need to adjust the size of the door to fit the entryway. It may be as easy as cleaning all of the hinges and removing any buildup of dirt along the door edges. The next step is to see if adjusting the hinges will alleviate the problem. Try tightening them. If the door continues to stick, try sanding the edges of the door.

Stopping Air Leaks

If you notice a cold draft around your entry door during the fall and winter months, your door may need to be resealed. A few quick and easy tasks can help reduce your energy bills and keep your home at a steady temperature. First, check the caulk around the door, and replace it if it shows any damage or gaps. Weather stripping is another option for stopping air leaks.

Weather Stripping

When you apply weather stripping, start in the middle.  If you stretch it, it will eventually shrink back to its original size and leave gaps.  If you start in the middle and work your way out you will be less inclined to tug on it.

Measure the lengths of the gaps you want to seal before you order material.  Weather-stripping should completely fill gaps, so order about 10-15% more than what you need to account for waste from cutting or measurement errors.

Weather stripping is an excellent, relatively easy way to seal your door, but it can’t solve all problems.  If you have checked out your hardware, the door threshold, and tried weather-stripping without success, you may need a new door.  At this point, you should get in touch with a local contractor to identify the problem.

Fiderio & Sons- Your CT Door Contractor

Sometimes doors can be worn beyond repair, in which case, new doors can add both safety and value to your home and reduce your energy costs. Fiderio & Sons recommends the Fiber-Classic because this entry door does not crack, splinter, split, or warp like wood. The fiberglass entry door is durable, stylish, economical, and most preferred by builders and remodelers.

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