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CT Home Additions: What to Know Before You Begin

By Blue Corona Dev Apr 11, 2016

Winter has finally come to pass and soon the flowers will begin to bloom. Connecticut homeowners around the state are teeming with excitement, planning to take advantage of the weather by initiating new home addition projects. Whether your family is expanding or you desire additional storage space, now is the ideal time to plan for your project. Understanding your expectations for your home addition is essential for making the planning and construction process as seamless as possible. Developing a list of priority items will help your contractor to ensure they meet your expectations. Proper communication is the foundation for any successful home addition project, so here are a few factors to keep in mind when you’re planning your next home addition.

Understand Local Codes & Regulations

Every town has a unique set of legal restrictions regulating the size and cope of single-family home additions. You can obtain building codes–which govern property line adherence and height limitations– through your local city zoning office. Also, if your home is situated in a historic district (or neighborhood for that matter) you may have to work with additional constraints in place for preservation purposes.

Your New Space Should Have a Purpose

While most homeowners view home additions as an opportunity to maximize their homes’ square footage, yet this is not typically the most cost-effective approach. You may be surprised to find out that you don’t need as much room as you think. Attempt to incorporate existing spaces like an unused closet into the new design. Essentially, we suggest that you take a utilitarian approach, focusing on efficiency. This approach will not only prevent unnecessary expenses, but it will help to keep your addition plans in check. It is often easier and less costly to expand rooms when you take advantage of your current layout.

Protect Your Current Home

Consider this: a home remodel can take away a large chunk of your living space; so make sure you set up an alternate living space elsewhere with all the daily essentials. For instance, keep a mini-fridge or microwave in the extra bedroom and take all valuables or important objects from rooms that are being redone.

Hire a Certified Professional Contractor

Many homeowners enjoy attempting DIY projects every once in a while, should they feel inspired; however, it is never a bad idea to recruit outside help in the form of a professional CT home remodeling contractor. Hiring a professional ct contractor ensures that your home remodel will be done correctly, on time and under budget. We recommend that you shop around a couple of contractors and check for references, membership with the CT BBB and proper licensing. You will certainly wanted to make sure that the contractor is willing to write a detailed contract, outlining the desired work for the desired price within the desired amount of time.

Envision the Future

All too often, Connecticut homeowners find themselves in the middle of a remodel or paint job and questioning their decisions. An easy way to avoid this is to take your time and really envision the outcomes. Instead of picking paint colors via sample cards, purchase a small amount of the color and paint a poster board or cardboard box and hang it on the wall or place it in the room. Then, let it sit. Look at it up-close and from far away during the morning, afternoon and nighttime. This decreases your chances of looking at the color differently in the future.

Even if you’re not planning on selling your home anytime soon, you always want to make sure you are adding to the value of the home and not subtracting from it. Remodeling an extra guest bedroom into a walk-in closet might appeal to you, but it deducts the number of rooms in your home and therefore its value.


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