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CT Home Improvement: The Pros & Cons of Each Type of Tile Flooring

By Blue Corona Dev Dec 10, 2014

Tile flooring is still the most popular flooring option, though hardwood floors have become competitive in recent years. Tiled flooring is a naturally versatile option for either a kitchen or bathroom, and it is difficult to imagine a home without some sort of decorative tile. Given the massive popularity, tile manufacturers have done their best to expand their options for ct homeowners; however, some styles of tile present unique advantages that others do not. Below, we will briefly discuss the major types of tile flooring, while highlighting some of their costs, characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile offers the most design possibilities, and is also the best “bang for your buck.” Ceramic tile is known for its ability to resist stains and colorful applications. Typically, tiles are 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick and most often measure 4×4″. While different sizes are available, they are much less common. The finish can be smooth and glossy or created with a less shiny matte coating.

Ceramic tile is one of the most affordable options. Ceramic is durable and resistant to cracks. Due in part to its hard texture, ceramic tile is easy to clean, and as mentioned before, you have an abundance of designs to pick from.

Disadvantages: Unfortunately, all types of flooring have their own downside. Some ct homeowners don’t particularly enjoy standing on a hard flooring material. Hard tile surfaces attract the cold, and admittedly, ceramic tile does not hold heat very well. Also, installing ceramic tile involves a variety of different tools and grout, which makes installation somewhat difficult.

Types of Ceramic Tile:

  • Glazed Tile: These come in single or double-fired options. Single firing creates a sturdier tile. Gloss finishes are attractive, but are also prone to scratches.
  • Terra Cotta Tile: Features a very natural and earth-toned look, but it should be sealed to resist staining and extend wear.
  • Mosaic Tile: Tends to resist staining and is moisture-resistant. Additionally, they won’t chip as easily as other types.
  • Porcelain Tile: Water-resistant and can include different coatings. Some homeowners install porcelain tile that has been covered with a slip-resistant finish.

Stone Tile

Advantages: There are not any options more durable than stone tile floor. Once stone tile is polished, it resists scratching better than any other tile. Because of this, it is an extremely popular flooring option for ct kitchens.

Disadvantages: Stone tile is not always resistant to stains, which can lead to increased maintenance costs and longer cleaning time. In order to prevent stains, ct homeowners will have to seal their stone tile floors so water cannot seep in. Price is a major disadvantage: stone tile is more expensive than ceramic.

Types of Stone Tile:

  • Slate Tile: Of all the types of stone tile, slate is great at resisting fading and chemicals, which makes cleaning slate tile floors that much easier.
  • Marble Tile: Offers an elegant or traditional appearance for your ct kitchen or ct bathroom.
  • Granite Tile: Offers a unique character that can’t be matched by other types of stone flooring. If your floors see very heavy traffic, granite is a wise choice.

Fiderio & Sons

Despite wood flooring’s modest gains over recent years, tile remains the most popular flooring option on the market. If you are beginning the process of a CT kitchen or bathroom remodel, take advantage of our offer for a free consultation. You can speak to someone about kitchen design CT, and an expert ct home improvement contractor about what the process will be like. We at Fiderio & Sons are proud of the work we have completed.

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