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CT Roofs: a Brief Overview of Gutter Systems

By Blue Corona Dev Nov 10, 2014

Gutters are crucial for protecting your home, thought it can be quite easy to overlook their importance. If your gutters have faced more than their share of wear and tear, they will not be able to divert rainwater or melting snow away from your home.

Old inefficient gutters can lead to damage to your house like ice damming, water damage and rotting interior walls. These problems are more expensive to fix than the cost of replacement gutters.

Fiderio & Sons builds and installs seamless aluminum and copper gutter systems for Connecticut homes that are designed to handle the heaviest rainfall, safely and efficiently.

Issues With Clogged Gutters

CT homeowners will likely know that gutters usually don’t function as they should. A clogged gutter system prevents water from flowing freely, which can result in serious structural damage to your home, basement flooding, and moisture damage that can lead to rotting of your roof, siding, and trim.

If water spills behind your gutter, it can damage the fascia and soffit. It is critical to install proper gutters as a part of your yearly ct roof maintenance.

From One-Piece to Two-Piece Gutter Systems

Unfortunately, ct gutters do not enjoy the fall foliage the way the rest of us do (well, we do not particularly enjoy scooping leaves out of the gutters). Throughout the years, people have tried all types of methods to prevent clogs in gutters, from placing screens of the gutters, to climbing on ladders and clearing out the gunk a couples times per year.

The idea of a screen was innovative for the time; however, if debris builds up on the screen to the point that water can’t pass through, there is no point in having a gutter at all. Gutter manufacturers experimented with several other proposed solutions.

Eventually, these little fixes evolved into gutter systems with built in hoods or hood/screen combinations. Most “clog-free” gutter systems are made of only one piece.

There are two main problems with a one-piece configuration: 1). The gutters are difficult (or impossible) to clean and maintain 2). If the gutter is damaged, the whole section needs to be replaced.

The newest model of integrated shutter systems consists of two pieces. The premiere product, the Gutter Shutter is made of seamless premium grade .032 aluminum.

We believe that aluminum is the best material for gutters in ct, but, admittedly, hail or falling tree branches can damage it. One of the main benefits of the two-piece system is that you only need to replace the damaged portion.

Fiderio & Sons

If you’re looking to update your gutter system, call us and ask about the GutterShutter.  No matter how good a gutter system is, its functionality is highly dependent on the installation itself.  Some are trickier than others.  This system is designed to be simple for the homeowner, but the gutter installation requires skill.

The experts at Fiderio & Sons have vast experience with gutter installation CT and we recommend the GutterShutter system. We cannot emphasize enough what a significant role gutters play in maintaining the integrity of CT roofs.  A CT Roof Installation is very expensive relative to the cost of replacing gutters. As we head towards the dog days of summer, chances are your gutters could use a little TLC anyway, so give us a call for a free estimate, roof maintenance tips, or other CT home improvement help.

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