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By fiderioandsons Jun 20, 2020


Amid Covid-19, families across the nation have self-quarantined for several months and still, there is uncertainty about what the future brings.  We recognize that there is not a person or business that has gone untouched by this pandemic in one way or the other. Now more than ever before, the importance of a functional and well-designed home has become practically a necessity as we are working, schooling, eating, playing and digitally socializing from home.

The “home office” has always been regarded as an effective tool but now amid quarantine, it has become a necessity to ensure business and educational continuity.

Many homeowners have evaluated the use of their living space in a completely different light since Covid-19.  Home  schooling and home fitness has been in our lives for decades – however it’s taken on a new role since the pandemic closed schools and gyms as well as, small and large businesses.  Whether it’s working remotely, enjoying a virtual yoga class or home schooling,  countless families are trying to find ways to effectively exist within their existing homes. 

So as families adjust the perception of their living spaces will be permanently reevaluated.  If you don’t have a home office, or a space dedicated to “work” it’s likely either your head space or productivity could be adversely affected.  Fiderio & Sons can certainly help create an ad hoc office with a small renovation or even a larger project to design a well-equipped home office space for your current or future needs.  Here are a few ways we might be able to help renovate your current home to compliment the addition of a new or improved home office:

Add A Few Walls To Your Open Floor Plans

We all know that open floor plans have seen a steady rise over the last 10 years as our lifestyles and homes have become more casual and focused on comfortable living spaces, as formal living rooms and study’s became a trend of the past. However, open floors plans are great for socializing and keeping an eye on the kiddos while you’re preparing meals but when it comes to productivity and working from home, open floor plans also leave much to be desired. After weeks of constant togetherness and on-going noise,  a few more walls or a private work space may sound like absolute heaven, especially if you plan to work remotely  or if homeschooling is in the foreseeable future.

Create A Flexible Workspace In The Kitchen 

Many homes have an area in the kitchen or by the bottom half of the staircase, that might lend itself well to create a nook for a family workspace.  A built-in desk is an architecturally stylish and surprisingly practical addition to any home. Our designers can quickly evaluate your space, helping to brainstorm areas near or around the kitchen that would compliment the addition of a built-in office.

Build An Addition or Bump-out 

Sometimes, no matter how hard  you try to rethink your existing home, the space to add a home office just isn’t available. In those cases,  a home addition  remodeling project may be the best option.  Fiderio & Sons can design a home office as part of a larger kitchen or family room remodel or even a dormer addition to create a little more space specifically designed around your needs. Two and Three season room additions are on the rise as they offer functional space and increase the footprint of your home.

Close in Your Two Story Foyer 

Our designers can help you convert what was once a striking cathedral ceiling foyer into a purposeful office or an additional room even for a home gym! There are so many different ways to increase square footage whether it is by removing a laundry room or consolidating a two car garage to one,  re-purpose the space within the existing footprint, and gain valuable work or living space.

Regardless of how our society and local community pivots in response over the coming months, we can all agree that designating specific areas of our homes for certain tasks makes life run smoother and more efficiently. Call Fiderio & Sons today at 203. 692.2405 to learn how to get the conversation started about increasing your homes functional space. We are ready to go to work for you and your family.

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