Does Trim From Vinyl Siding Manufacturers Work With All CT Home Siding?

By fiderioandsons Nov 22, 2013

Is trim from vinyl siding manufacturers compatible with other types of ct home siding?

YES! PVC trim can be used to replace trim on any home, and can be made to match existing trim if you only need to replace a section.

Until fairly recently, almost all trim was made out of wood.  Unfortunately wood is prone to warping, rotting, and insect infestations.  Trim is particularly vulnerable to water damage, especially in a variable climate like Connecticut.  Wood expands and contracts as the humidity changes.  This can lead to cracked paint, and worse, cracked caulking.  When the caulking that seals trim to your home cracks water can seep behind and cause extensive rotting.  Before you decide to freshen up your wood trim with a paint job, take a closer look or get a professional opinion from your ct contractor.  Cracked paint can indicate more serious issues.  If your trim does need to be replaced, you have options beyond wood!  Cellular PVC trim (including trim boards, accent trims, and moldings) can be used to replace trim on all types of home exteriors (brick, stucco, fiber cement, wood, vinyl.) Even if you only need to replace a section of trim, PVC can be made to match what you already have. Vinyl siding manufacturers offer different lines of trim to complement homes of all ages and styles, and can be made to replicate classical architecture.  For example, The Restoration Millwork line from CertainTeed is available in the full range of dimensional lumber and sheet widths and thicknesses to complement any type of ct home siding.


The main advantages of PVC trim are that it is low-maintenance and less expensive. PVC can be machined just like wood (routed, mitered, milled) with common woodworking tools, but since it does absorb moisture, it is able to withstand Connecticut’s damp climate and extreme temperatures. Vinyl trim won’t rot, split, warp, or attract insects. It stays cleaner longer and can be washed easily with a soft bristle brush and soapy water. It is resistant to UV rays and salt spray. It doesn’t need to be painted (or re-painted) but if you choose to, it holds paint much better than wood (using acrylic latex paint.) Its self-extinguishing properties earn it a Class A (Class 1) Flame Spread Classification. Lastly, PVC trim generally comes with a longer warranty (try finding wood with a warranty at all!)


We recommend trim from our favorite CT vinyl siding manufacturers: CertainTeed and Mastic, as well as AZEK.

CertainTeed offers most types of trim (J Channel, Decorative Trim, Functional Trim, Soffit Trim, Lineals, Corner Systems, Starter Strips) from two distinct lines: Restoration Millwork’ and Vinyl Carpentry’  The full product line includes diagrams that can help you if your ‘trim vocabulary’ is limited.

The Restoration Millwork’ line features cellular PVC exterior trims that complement virtually all CT home siding materials.  This line is ideal if you are looking to replace only certain sections of your existing trim. It is installed in Natural White with either a smooth or TrueTexture’ woodgrain finish. It can be routed, milled, or heat-formed for custom detailing and painted to match your exiting trim.

The Vinyl Carpentry’line is desidgned to complement CT vinyl siding from CertainTeed. The trims come in a variety of textures and colors to match all ct vinyl siding styles

Azek Trim Products include: solid PVC sheets, PVC cornerboards, and PVC beadboards. Trim from AZEC features precisely sealed edges on all four sides and is a great option for replacement window and door trim. It can be routed, heat formed, or laminated to match any non-standard trim.

Mastic offers a collection of PVC trim and moldings from Ply Gem, including: corners, sheet products, skirt board, bead board, post wraps, columns, door surrounds, headers and mantels, shutters, gable vents, utility vents, and mounting blocks. All these products can be customized to match existing CT home siding and trim, or you can choose trim that complements Mastic vinyl siding colors. Trim options are just one of the benefits of Mastic Vinyl Siding.


Exterior trim can be functional or decorative. Trim can be used to cover the transitions between surfaces or corners and around doors and windows. Decorative trim styles and colors can boost the curb appeal of your home.  Trim color can either match your CT home siding for a more classic look, or can create a contrast to accent part of your home exterior. Whichever look you choose, we recommend selecting your siding and roof colors first, followed by trim color. Once that is done, have fun with accents!  Just remember that siding is the dominant component of your home’s exterior, so it should be the starting point for your subsequent style decisions. Don’t plan backwards!

Fiderio & Sons specializes in Siding Connecticut Homes. Our build team can address any concerns you have, and our design team can discuss vinyl siding styles and trims to match CT vinyl siding or other types of CT home siding. See our portfolio now for inspiration!

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