Great Ideas for CT Basement Remodeling

By fiderioandsons Jun 16, 2014

Does your basement look like the setting for a horror movie?  Dark, concrete floor, wood posts with nails sticking out, piles and piles of boxes with who knows what’s inside?  All its missing is the glowing red room from Amnityville Horror, right?  Don’t be afraid of your unfinished basement anymore thanks to CT basement remodeling!  In fact, here is a list of four remodeling ideas that take the bone-chilling, abandoned, spooky, unusual, mystery, evil, nasty, and traumatic out of your B-A-S-E-M-E-N-T.

Home Office

If you work from home, a home office might sound like the ideal remodeling idea for your unfinished basement.  You will no longer have to keep all your documents in a bag and carry them from room to room, avoiding the chaos that is your children.

A home office, however, is not only ideal for those who work from home, but also for anyone who pays bills, uses a computer, stores documents, plays computer games, reads, or does any other activitiy requiring quiet and concentration.

The atmosphere that a home office offers is one that almost anyone could benefit from.  Drawers and cabinets increase storage space and organization.  A desk allows for clutter-free workspace.  And a solitary, relaxing, comfortable atmosphere comes from a finished basement setting.

Entertainment Center

Sure, you have a television in your den, in your kitchen, in your bedroom; it might even feel like every room in the house has a TV.  So why transform your unfinished basement into an entertainment center?  Bring back family movie night or family game night with an entertainment center!

A basement entertainment center is the perfect place for your whole family to cuddle up and watch Frozen on a Friday night.  Although your idea of a game night might include “Scrabble” or “Monopoly,” today’s game night might mean playing Rockband in your basement entertainment center.  Dad on drums, mom on bass, junior on lead guitar, and daddy’s little girl on vocals.

Essentially, transforming your unfinished basement into an entertainment center could create a space ideal for family bonding. But why stop with family?  When your son wants to have a slumber party, you can be sure that he and his friends will have the coolest hangout in town!  Your daughter wants to watch The Notebook with her girlfriends?  No problem!  You could even invite your own friends over to watch an Alfred Hitchcock classic.


Are your inlaws movinig in?  Do your children need to move back home after college?  Are you looking for a little bit of extra income?  Do you get a lot of house guests needing a place to stay?  Whatever the reason, your unfinished basement could be perfect for a small apartment.

Include a kitchenette, a bedroom, and a lounge area to ensure your guest’s utmost comfort.  The basement setting will create an ideal sense of privacy for any guest hoping to get a break from your playful children, your talkative husband, or your nosey wife.

With a small kitchen, guests can even have a strong sense of independence, having space to cook their own meals or store their own groceries. If your neighborhood allows multi-family living, you can even add some money to your income by renting out the place to a nice and responsible tennant.

Adult Lounge

Looking for a place to grab a cocktail, kick up your feet, and escape the stresses of everyday life?  Well, remodeling your unfinished basement into an adult lounge may mean that you don’t have to go on an expensive vacation to do so!  Start with a comfortable couch, a flatscreen television, some sophisticated decor for a relaxing lounge area.  Add a bar, a pool table, and surround sound to create a sort of adult playroom–perfect for a SuperBowl party, New Years Eve, or any other occassion.  While your children’s toys, games, books, and movies may be scattered about the upstairs, give yourself a chance to escape into a calming, mature environment.  The basement setting will even provide a good level of peace and quiet.

Of course, your options for remodeling your basement are not limited to the four suggestions above!  You might also consider a home gym, a children’s playroom, a guest bedroom, or your own creative vision.  But remember, the Lutz’s could not rid their basement of the bright red room or the Native American curse themselves!  So, first check out your options for Connecticut home improvement to ensure that you optimize your space, design an aesthetically pleasing area, and understand the skills needed for efficiently remodeling your unfinished basement.

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