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How to Fix Drafty CT Windows

By bluecorona Feb 11, 2015

Northeast homeowners faced a downpour of snow over the past two weeks, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. Even when there’s no precipitation of any sorts, cold sub-frozen degree weather is guaranteed in the winter which can prove to be detrimental to homes with drafty windows. If wind consistently blow your curtains and bring a chill into the room, there’s a strong chance that you have windows worth fixing. Air leaks are not only confining, but they can run up your energy bills. Here are a few quick and long-term solutions to fixing your drafty CT windows.

Short-Term Fixes

Add Caulk

Windows sashes shrivel up and shrink as they age, leaving plenty of room for drafts. For a quick fix, apply rope caulk to all cracks. Rope caulk can be molded quite easily to suit the gap, and it removes easily at the end of the season. Rope caulk can run homeowners up to $5 for every 30 feet.

Apply V-seal Weather Stripping

CT windows can open and shut easily with the V-seal, so adding the plastic weather stripping along the sides of the sashes is a relatively simple fix. Plus, it only costs around $5 per window.

Fill Cracked Panes

Cracked panes are a hassle but they don’t require professional products to alleviate the issue, making it an easy fix. Nail polish is highly recommended as it fills the cracks invisibly and it stabilizes the glass until you can replace it more efficiently at a later time. If you’re not too confident in the nail polish, you can apply clear weather-seal tape to the crack. This should cost no more than $4.

Add Draft Snake

If your window leaks cold air, foam and fabric draft snakes are quick high-efficient solutions. Cut the three-foot foam tube and slip the washable cover over it. Then place the snake on the sill and shut the window. Draft snakes are $6 per window.

Long-Term Fixes

Add Interior Storm Panels

PVC and vinyl press-in panels can be installed and removed easily. Bigger pieces must be ordered from the manufacturer, but you can custom fit some pieces yourself. It’s about $12 per window for a DIY kit, but prices inflate to $100 per if ordered specifically to size.

Replace Missing Glazing

Glazing putty that seals window panes can crack over time. Doing a great job glazing takes time, but even an average job will get rid of most of the leaks. Start by removing the old putty. Then, remove the pane and add a fresh batch of putty. Press the glass into the putty gently, and add glazing points – small metal points that push into the sash, securing the pane. Use a screwdriver to push the points into place. Apply a thin roll of putty and use a clean putty knife to smooth it all out. This is relatively inexpensive as well, costing about $5 per window.

Replace Windows

The obvious long-term fix for fixing drafty CT windows is replacing them entirely. Research everything from isulated glass options and frame materials to get a good grasp on what will work in your home. However, replacing a window is a job for a professional, and it will cost over $600 per window for installation and other services.

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