If you are looking to improve the appearance of your home without the hassle of painting, vinyl siding is a popular, affordable choice. Many homeowners and builders prefer vinyl siding because it is long lasting, durable, inexpensive and relatively easy to install and maintain. Vinyl comes in a variety of grains, thickness and colors making it also a practical choice for many ct homeowners. Don’t let the fact that you have vinyl siding deter you from that repair or remodeling project. If you want to shift a window, replace a door or even put on an addition, you can remove, alter and reinstall vinyl siding much more easily than any other type of siding. In this post, we’re going to demonstrate to you how to rework the siding around a new set of windows, making you a savvy vinyl siding installer.

Removing the Siding

The beauty of ct vinyl siding is that you can remove a piece from anywhere on the wall. Locate the piece you want to remove and unlock the piece above it with your common zip tool, which can be purchased at any local hardware store. It might be tricky hooking the zip tool onto the locking edge if your siding is too tight. Try starting at an end or look for a loose spot. Sometimes you can unzip it just with your fingers. If you’re having difficulty with a particular lock, try moving up a course. Newly designed ct vinyl is quite flexible, especially in warm weather, but older siding becomes more brittle with age, something to be conscious about. It should be easy to slide a flat bar behind the nail heads since they’re not driven tight. Do not slide the flat bar behind the siding itself, you’ll risk breaking it. You may have to bow each length of vinyl to release its ends from the trim moldings, and you may have to slide short pieces up or down past the window to release them from the J-channel.

Building Paper and Window Flashing

Building paper is an important part of the wall’s waterproofing. It’s a barrier to any water that may work its way behind the siding, so be sure upper pieces lap over lower ones. Tape any tears or holes with house wrap tap, which can be purchased at home centers. Flashing is critical for a watertight window or door. Aluminum works best with vinyl. Buy a 10-inch wide roll of aluminum, and cut it into 5-inch wide strips for the top and sides of the window. The width of the bottom flashing will vary and must go under the window nailing fin and lap over the nailing hem of the vinyl siding. This step will redirect water to the front of the siding. When you’re done flashing the window, stand back and imagine water running down the wall. Start above the window and visually check that all building papers and flashing lap over the piece below it so water can’t run behind.

Install J-channel Around the Window

First and foremost, a J-channel is a plastic or metal channel, shaped like a J that is used to support building trim material. When installing the J-channel, you have to wrap the window with vinyl J-channel to divert water and to cover the ends of the siding. You’ll probably have to buy new strips for this. Start with the bottom piece and work up to the top and make sure the pieces overlap to keep water out. Mitered corners give a clean and finished appearance. Be careful to fit the top channel correctly over the sidepieces as a lot of water can run over these joints.

Install the Siding

Maneuvering long pieces of vinyl into place can be tricky. Push one end of longer pieces into the trim, then bow the siding slightly and guide the other end into the trim. Then, slide it up and snap the butt into the locking edge of the piece below. Feed the shorter pieces alongside the window into the channel at the top of the window, and slide them down into position. Installing the piece above the window is especially tricky because it’s also the last piece. You should cut the piece and put a joint directly above the window. Then we cut a long length of extra siding to complete the row, be sure to overlap butt joints 1 inch. This method wouldn’t work if you had to splice in new vinyl, because the colors wouldn’t match.

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