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How to Select Vinyl Siding Colors for CT homes

By Blue Corona Dev Dec 30, 2013

Common CT Vinyl Siding Colors

If you drive around your neighborhood and pay attention to the homes you see, you won’t be surprised by the fact that 40% of residential homes are white.  White homes appeal to most people and if the exterior is well maintained, they look fresh, new, and neutral.  Having a predominately white home also gives you (or a potential buyer) the opportunity to customize your home’s exterior with any combination of accents and colors. In terms of versatility and popularity, white is definitely a top choice among ct vinyl siding colors. Style-wise, it is timeless. The only problem is that white paint shows wear quickly. On average, CT homes are older than homes in other parts on the country. (Our post on re-shingling has the statistics)

Cracked, stained, or peeling paint is unattractive and in Connecticut it is difficult to keep paint looking fresh due to the variable climate. The color of vinyl siding is inherent to the material itself; it is dyed during the manufacturing process so that the color is present throughout the entire panel. If you chiseled out a chunk of your home’s exterior, the color of the cross section would be the same as the exterior.  This means that vinyl siding never needs to be painted, or re-painted.  Vinyl siding manufacturers offer a wide selection of color options, but if you are looking for something really specific, you can paint it. As with painted wood, painted vinyl will need to be re-painted at some point, but paint lasts longer on vinyl.

Choosing the right color for your home siding

When selecting the color of your home exterior you should consider the architecture of your home, the culture of your region, and the nature that surrounds you.  There are some regional styles and trends as well. Colonial homes are common in the Northeast, as are seaside color schemes.  Warm neutral tones are common down South, warm desert tones are common in the Southwest, and neutral earth tones are popular in the Midwest. No matter where you live,white and other neutral colors are good options, especially if your goal is to sell your home. If you aren’t sure which color will best suit your home, we have a few ideas to help you:

Take a Neighborhood drive: Drive around your neighborhood and see which homes stand out to you. Bring a passenger to write notes and/or take pictures. Showing pictures to our design team will help them understand your taste.

Design online: The vinyl siding manufacturers we work with have software that allows you to upload photographs of your home and experiment with different color and style combinations. They also offer guides and applications to help you with the color selection.


CertainTeed ColorView software allows you to explore preset color combinations and vinyl siding styles. You can also upload a picture of your home, select the areas you wish to update, and choose from their library of colors for ct home siding, entry doors, roofing, trim, accents, and shutters. The ColorCoach software also helps you discover the ideal color combination for your home’s exterior.

CT Vinyl Siding Colors and Combinations from CertainTeed:


Mastic has design software that allows you to select a home style that is similar to your own and apply different siding, window, roofing, and trim products. You can save your design and share it with friends, family, and design consultant. There software has 15 standard styles of homes that you can customize, but if you cannot find something that is a good enough match, you can pay $15 to upload a picture of your home. It is a worthwhile investment considering the cost of vinyl siding (even though it is less expensive relative to other options.) The cost also includes a consultation with one of their Dreamhome Professional Contractors. The software also allows you to collaborate with your contractor and designers.

Mastic’s Color Advisor iPad app helps you choose coordinating colors and then allows you to view them on your home. See examples of Mastic vinyl siding colors below:


Our other favorite vinyl siding manufacturer, Alside, offers an interactive design showcase that allows you to realize the vision you have for your home, from your home.You can select a 2-Story Colonial home, 2-Story Cape Cod home, or a 1-Story Ranch style home and then try as many color combinations as you like from their extensive line of siding products, accents, trim, and shutters. The homes have various sized gables and dormers to help you visualize accents on a small or large scale. Their design guide also offers color recommendations and design tips.

Alside vinyl siding colors range from classic to contemporary:



After you have selected your siding color, you can accent your home with coordinating or contrasting trims. See our blog post on trim options from the same vinyl siding manufacturers described in this post. They manufacture custom trims to replicate existing trim that needs to be replaced, as well as trim that complements their vinyl siding colors. if you are set on the color but not the style we have a post on vinyl siding styles as well.

Full Exterior Remodel

If you are starting from scratch or doing a complete exterior renovation, HomeVisions software allows you to design the entire exterior of your home: roofing, vinyl siding styles, masonry, windows, trim, entry door, paint, and garage.  You can choose from a variety of brands and colors for each component.  Below is an example of a virtual design from a stock photo, but you can also upload a photo of your actual home.  As you can see, the software allows you to change pretty much everything, except the landscaping!

If your home is ready for a makeover we would be excited to help you begin the process. Click on our vinyl siding checklist for more information, or take advantage of our limited-time offer Holiday offer. You and your home deserve a fresh start this year.  Happy 2014 from Fiderio & Sons.

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