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Is It Time for a CT Kitchen Remodel?

By bluecorona May 27, 2015

The kitchen is the most important room in your house. It its where you share meals and memories with your friends and family. But if your kitchen outdated and slowly deteriorating it is the perfect time to have it remodeled. But when picking a company to come in and remodel your kitchen there are a few requirements to look for.


Picking the right time for your CT kitchen remodel is critical, certain times during the year make a remodel more difficult. If you decide to have your kitchen remodeled it is best to plan for early or late summer. This will prevent your house from undergoing high heating costs while materials are being transported in and out of your home. Also it’ll give you time to show off your kitchen during the holidays and parties.


When searching for a company to remodel your kitchen it is obvious that you would like them to have experience, but is it the right experience? CT Kitchens are a place with lots of wires, gas lines and ventilation shafts, which need to be addressed before a wall is opened up. Also it is good to know that your kitchen will be remodeled right and not have to be redone. If this company offers a showroom or examples of previous work, it will show if they have attention to detail and take pride in their work.


Most services will offer a consultation and estimate so that you can budget and plan your kitchen remodel. Although a consultation seems simple, it is a formulated process to give you what you want out of your CT kitchen remodel and also work with your homes structure. Having a consultant come in will also give you an idea of what your kitchen can look like

Full service

Not all CT kitchen remodel services include electricians, plumbers, etc. this will cost more if you have to search and hire a separate contractor to rewire your kitchen or fix your plumbing. Having a company that is full service saves money, time, and frustration.

Shop Around

Although there are many services that are fully capable of remodeling your CT Kitchen they might not all be the best fit for you. Look for the company that is going to be honest, stand by their work, and give you the best value. A kitchen remodel should be an enjoyable experience not a stressful one.

Fiderio & Sons | Kitchen Design in CT

Even if you have your mind set on your vision of a dream kitchen, you would be surprised by how many other novel ideas there are for kitchen design in CT. A lot of these ideas are easily accessible on the Internet, but there are advantages of having a conversation with an expert. So, if you are beginning the process of a Ct kitchen remodel, take advantage of our FREE Home Remodeling & Addition Checklist!

You can speak to someone about kitchen design, and an expert Ct home remodeling contractor about what the process will be like. Fiderio & Sons would be proud to answer your questions or assist you in any of your home improvement and remodeling needs!

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