Looking to update your home this 2013? Why should you choose vinyl siding? What Makes CertainTeed America's most popular siding?  Fiderio & Sons wants to help you determine if CertainTeed vinyl siding is right for you.

Your home can be a reflection of your personality, so why not make it stand out? Vinyl siding is an attractive and durable solution for any home owner looking to renew their home. CertainTeed offers a wide variety of styles, designs, and colors, with unlimited possibilities for any taste and budget. With an outstanding performance rate, an industry-leading color spectrum, and great warranty protection, it's really no wonder why CertainTeed is becoming America's most popular siding option.

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Reason Why CertainTeed May Be Right For You:

1) Variety and Options

CertainTeed offers a large spectrum of design including:

  • Carolina Beaded' -- for traditional, old worn charm.
  • Wolverine Restoration Smooth' -- crafted in tradition with 17th century American style.
  • Monogram 46 -- for a natural look of painted or stained cedar.
  • Classic' -- for the classic vinyl siding appeal.
  • MainStreet' -- for a modernized vinyl siding appeal.
  • Encore' -- combines a classic vinyl siding look with affordability.

2) Color Spectrum

CertainTeed has an industry leading color spectrum including:

  • Ranges from rich, deep shades to classic colors like white and blue.
  • Provide semi-transparent stains for wood grain finishes.
  • Variety of finishes such as, rough cedar, wood grain, brushed, select cedar, smooth and more.

3) Outstanding Protection Warranty

All CertainTeed quality building products are fully warrantied.

  • Lifetime warranty for the home owner.

Percentage of Coverage/Years Since Installation
 100%   Up to 5
 90%    More than 5 and up to 7
 80%    More than 7 and up to 8
 70%    More than 8 and up to 9
 60%    More than 9 and up to 10
 50%    More than 10 and up to 11
 40%    More than 11 and up to 12
 30%    More than 12 and up to 13
 20%    More than 13 and up to 14
 10%    More than 14 and up to 50

4) Easy Installation, Low Maintainence, and Cost Effective

  • Vinyl siding can be removed, altered, and reinstalled more easily than any other kind of siding.
  • Provides the home owner with years of freedom from repainting and tiresome upkeep.
  • Only maintenance required is a simple soap and water rinse. 
5) CertainTeed's Green Impact

CertainTeed has made great steps in order to decrease their carbon footprint. Some green facts about vinyl siding you might not have known:

  • Vinyl Siding is recyclable. In fact, CertainTeed is leading the initiative to recycle vinyl siding from home projects and builders.
  • The manufacturing process to make vinyl siding takes less energy than other products such as brick or stucco.
  • Vinyl siding eliminates the need for paint decreasing your environmental footprint.
  • Almost 100% of raw material are used in the manufacturing process of CertainTeed's Vinyl Siding, reducing landfill waste from manufacturing these products.

Interested in speaking with a professional about switching to vinyl siding for your home?