As CT vinyl siding experts, Fiderio & Sons often receives questions about maintaining the integrity and beauty of vinyl siding. While vinyl siding is extremely easy to care for and requires little maintenance, there are still a few things you should do to ensure that it will last in years and durability. Here are a few of our frequently asked questions on how to clean and maintain the vinyl siding on your home.

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How often should I clean my vinyl siding?

While it isn't necessary to clean the vinyl siding on your home very frequently, we suggest at least twice a year. If you live in New England, or an area that sees harsh winter weather, then you should wash the siding on your home after Spring and before Winter.

How do I maintain my vinyl siding?

It is best to clean the vinyl siding on your home with soft clothes or brushes. For best results, use a solution of powdered laundry detergent or household bleach diluted with water.
Take caution when washing irregular areas, such as windows, door frames or mounting blocks. If your vinyl siding is textured or has a pattern, then make sure that you are using the soft bristle brush to get in the grooves and crevices. Always rinse the cleaning solution off before it dries.

Can I power wash my vinyl siding?

You should check the siding manufacturer's recommendations prior to power washing your home. Some manufacturers recommend power washing, while others have limitations on pressure or products used. We recommend reading the instructions on the washer, and to be careful when spraying around windows, vents or wiring. When aiming the power washer, do not point it straight up or behind the siding.

How do I remove mold and mildew?

According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, small spots of mildew and mold can be handled with regular household cleaners, like Fantastik or Windex'. For anything larger, they recommend a solution of vinegar (30%) and water (70%) to get rid of buildup.

Why is my vinyl siding discolored?

Vinyl siding can discolor if it has an abnormal amount of concentrated sunlight reflected onto it. While this is not a common problem, occasionally the direct sunlight will fade the color. Ways to reduce this problem include landscaping elements (such as strategic placement of trees or bushes) or the use of sunshades.

As you can tell, vinyl siding is a low maintenance addition to any home. We recommend consulting with your home contractor if you have any questions about maintaining the integrity of your vinyl siding.

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