Most homeowners are usually familiar with horizontal vinyl siding. While horizontal siding is the more common type of home siding, vertical siding is another great option for those who want to add siding to their home. Vertical siding, as an accent or as a whole-house choice, will add a unique design style to any home.

Vertical siding is the perfect way to add emphasis to entryways, dormers, gables, windows and other accent areas of your home. Homeowners usually choose vertical siding because it helps add that personal touch that they've been looking for. 

The great thing about vertical siding is that it is also available as a vinyl alternative. If you have read our blog before, contractors say that vinyl siding is now the best siding choice for homeowners. Vinyl siding is easy to install, durable, easy to clean, and has a great designer look.

Fiderio & Sons provides the various looks that vertical siding can give your home:

Vertical Siding Home Styles

The Beach House 

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Vertical siding is great for that classic beach-style home. Vinyl siding that also mimics the appearance of wood panels can really give style and beauty to a home. We love the sea-inspired look that vertical siding gives a beach house.

The Modern Home

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We love the sleek appearance that vertical siding provides for a modern-style home. The clean lines of vertical siding can also help elongate the look of a home. As you can see in this modern inspired home, it is all about the vertical siding, windows and door.

The Ranch Home

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If you are interested in creating a rustic, ranch-themed home then you should consider faux-wood vertical siding. This siding style creates a Western, mountain lodge look that we love!

The Southern Home

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Vertical siding can give a Southern home that classic plantation look. We love mixing horizontal siding and vertical siding with gables and trim accenting. 

The Lake House

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The vertical siding on this lake house is a great style choice for it's location and purpose. We also love the "woodsy" look and feel of the home. Vertical siding accents are a great choice for a unique vacation home like this one.

As you can see, vertical siding is everywhere. Whether you choose to use vertical siding as an all over home choice, or as an accent, it will make your house stand out. Are you interested in vinyl siding for your home? Not sure where to start? Get a free consultation and 10% off your next siding project with Fiderio & Sons.