As a CT vinyl siding company, we often field many questions about the impact of vinyl siding on the environment. You may be surprised to know that vinyl siding is considered a "green" home siding option. Fiderio & Sons understands the importance of using earth-friendly materials, which is why we consider vinyl siding the best siding for your next home remodel.

ct vinyl siding co Generates Very Little Waste

Return scrap and off-spec materials can be recycled into vinyl siding's manufacturing process, resulting in very minimal manufacturing waste. The average scrap rates from vinyl siding installation are less than 2% of total construction waste.

ct vinyl siding coContributes to Green Building Certification

Vinyl siding, especially insulated vinyl siding, can help contribute to points in leading green building certification programs.

ct vinyl siding coLess Maintenance, Less Resources

Vinyl siding is so low maintenance that it does not require the use of harmful solvents such as stain, caulk or paint.

ct vinyl siding coReleases Fewer Chemicals

Vinyl siding, compared to other siding materials, releases much lower levels of toxic chemicals into the environment.

Even with significant growth of vinyl siding production, the level of dioxin released by production has decreased by almost 90% since then.

ct vinyl siding coEnvironmental Performance

According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, vinyl siding has excellent environmental performance compared with other exterior cladding based on the use of a life-cycle assessment tool compliant with ISO 14044.

ct vinyl siding coNo Health Risks

Vinyl siding has no materials that would cause negative health effects to installers, contractors or homeowners.

ct vinyl siding coBoosts R-Value

Insulated vinyl siding boosts the R-vlaue of a home, therefore contributing to a home's energy efficiency.

ct vinyl siding coDurable and Sustainable

The NAHB estimates that the life expectancy of vinyl siding is a "lifetime." The durability of vinyl siding contributes to it's sustainability.


Looking to upgrade your home and downgrade your bills? Vinyl siding has many more economical and environmental benefits.