A newly completed bathroom remodel is a great excuse to update your organization tactics as well. You don't want your beautiful new bathroom to look cluttered and messy. It's easy to get disorganized during the week with everyone's busy schedules. Incorporating new organization techniques will make your life a little easier and help your bathroom to maintain its beauty over time. Use these bathroom organization ideas in order to help stop the problem before it starts! 

1) Purge the medicine cabinet. 

Almost everyone can probably admit to holding onto products for too long. Scan your medicine cabinet for expired products or anything that has been sitting in there unused for a while. Certain items can actually be dangerous to you if used past their expiration date, especially outdated medicines. It's a good idea to get into the habit of labeling things with the date as soon as you've purchased them. Here's a creative spin on a medicine cabinet with chalkboard paint for reminders!

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2) Divide and Conquer the Drawers. 

Bathrooms drawers are easily cluttered with toiletries, accessories and other items. Adding drawer dividers is an inexpensive way to stay organized. You can customize the dividers to your individual style and needs. This small change will help everything to have its own place and keep things clean. 

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3) Label Everything.

One of the most frustrating things is not being able to find something when you need it. Creating organization spaces and labeling the outside will help you to increase your time efficiency and it looks great too. You don't even need a labeling machine. You can find creative ways to label things with yarn, decorative beading etc. 

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 4) Use magnets.  

Sometimes you have to get creative when organizing. Smaller items can be a hassle and be easily thrown around creating a mess in your bathroom. Magnets are a great way to get things out of the way and stay organized. If you are undergoing a bathroom remodel, consider talking to your contractor about installing a sheet of precut galvanized steel or another material that you can stick magnets to in a desirable location. 

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5) Clean up your makeup. 

Makeup can be messy and hard to organize. Small containers and breakable items need to be handled especially carefully. Makeup containers are an example of where magnets could be useful. Here's another stylish idea on how to store those delicate brushes.

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