Have you ever thought about the interior lighting in your bathroom? If you think that the lighting in your bathroom isn't important, then think again. A bathroom with inadequate lighting can cast harsh light, ruin a great design, cause eye strain and even induce headaches. Whether you are considering a full bathroom remodel, or simply want to improve your existing bathroom, don't forget to focus on bathroom lighting. Your CT bathroom contractors Fiderio & Sons provides a lesson in bathroom lighting.

ct bathroomsTypes of Lighting

Task Lighting

Task lighting is great for assisting in everyday bathroom activities, such as applying makeup, shaving, fixing hair or painting your nails. We recommend installing task lighting directly on a mirror or on the ceiling, in order to avoid harsh lighting. Avoid recessed ceiling fixtures that can also cast awkward shadows. It is recommended that task lighting surrounding a mirror or vanity be incandescent or halogen. When installing task lighting in the shower area, This Old House recommends recessed light with a glass lens.

Accent Lighting

Is there something in your bathroom that you want to stand out? If you have a decorative piece that you want to place the spotlight on, then consider adding accent lighting. Accent lighting, usually installed at an angle, adds another layer of light to highlight that special spot in the bathroom. Accent lighting can also be used to highlight window treatments, outdoor landscaping, or even house plants.

Ambient Lighting

Are you looking for overall lighting for your bathroom? Ambient lighting provides an all-over illumination without any glare. Ambient lighting can be accomplished with wall-mounted fixtures, chandeliers, recessed lighting or track lights. This type of lighting, also called general lighting, differs from task lighting in that it provides an even wash of light throughout a room. We recommend talking with your local CT bathroom contractor to install the best ambient lighting for your space.

Decorative Lighting

Don't forget that your bathroom needs a little bit of sparkle! Many homeowners choose lighting simply to add a little bit of shine and character to their bathroom. If you're looking to add a little bit of pizzazz to your bathing area, consider decorative wall fixtures, hanging lights or LED lighting.

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