Halloween is just around the corner, and you may be thinking of tackling the project of spookifying your home for the creepy holiday. While normally we recommend professional home improvement projects versus the do-it-yourself route, Halloween decorating is certainly safe enough to go it alone! One of the the best ways to display your scarily creative skills, is by decorating your windows for the trick-or-treaters and fellow Halloween appreciators to enjoy. We love windows at Fiderio & Sons; not only can we help you with replacement windows, but we can help you with these inexpensive Halloween decorating tips! Use the following creative ideas to really creep out those trick or treaters this Halloween.  

DSCN0327 Trash Bag Eyes

 An inexpensive and creative way to keep your house  looking spooky for Halloween is by making eyes out of  trash bags for your windows. The materials you need you'll  likely already find in your home, making it a cheap and fun  way to decorate. All you'll need is extra large black trash  bags, banner paper, scissors, tape, and sticky tacs. For  more information on how to complete this window  decorating idea visit The Fully Fed Recipes.

  Halloween window silhouettes

describe the imageThis is another cheap decorating idea that you can steal for your own home. There are plenty of characters and spooky icons you can display in your windows using only a few materials. All you'll need to create a scene like this one is black paper, orange tissue paper, a white crayon and a pair of scissors.


 IMG 0782 thumb[1]Candy corn window lights

 If you're a sweet lover, then this project may be hard to avoid eating!  It's a cute and creative way to decorate and show your Halloween  style during the day. You can use whatever type of jar you'd like, the  ones pictured are in a simple mason jar. Then just dump some candy  corn in and place an LED light in the center and voila! Check out this creative blog for more info! 

Boarded up windows 5ac824d016fdbfb52647c98cb6072710

You won't need real wood to complete this project. Grab some styrofoam boards, paint, and velcro tape to achieve this haunted look. Hang some spooky decorations to complement the boards and you're sure to have the spookiest home in the neighborhood!  

If your windows need replacing before you start the decorating process, we can help!