Many homeowners are under the wrong impression that home renovations should only be done in the warm weather. While you probably don't want to embark on many exterior home projects when there's snow on the ground and below freezing temperatures, interior renovations can help kick those winter blues. Being cooped up in the house because it's too cold to go outside, gets everyone a little restless. The following is a list of great winter home renovations that will keep you occupied indoors, and could save you money in the long run as well. 

  1. Renovate your basement. Screen Shot 2013 12 18 at 9.13.39 AM

    Renovating your basement or adding an additional space onto your home is a great winter renovation project. Contractors often have more free time when the weather gets colder, so your project may be completed even sooner than you think. Renovating your basement and creating an additional living space, game room, child's play room, or perhaps you may use it for another reason entirely, will make for an enjoyable place to relax or spend time with family once its finished. Staying inside won't seem quite as tasking if you can do it in a space that is warm and welcoming.

  2. Replace your windows.  Screen Shot 2013 12 18 at 9.14.06 AM

    Opening your home up to cold temperatures may seem like a crazy idea, but a good home improvement company can complete the job quickly and you end up saving money on heating bills. Choosing Energy Star certified replacement windows will keep your home warm and cozy, and decrease the amount you spend on heating bills. Although replacement windows may seem like a warm weather project, it's actually an ideal time to replace them in the winter, especially around the holidays when every dollar counts. 

  3. Consider a solar hot water heater.
    solar tank4
    Another winter home project that can help reduce your energy bills is by switching to a solar hot water heater. Solar hot water heaters, like the kind made by Velux, are a great energy choice because: 

    • Instant hot water availability
    • 50% to 80% reduction in hot water heating bills
    • Federal tax credits could help defray installation costs
    • No environmental impact
    • Preserve natural resources  

Fiderio & Sons can even will even custom design your Velux water heater to fit your home based on number of occupants and other lifestyle factors. 


If you've been inspired by these winter home renovations, and want to get started with a home improvement project of your own, Fiderio & Sons is happy to help you! Click below to download our free guide on home remodeling.