Replacing Windows CT: Sunrise Windows are easier to clean!!


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Glass feels smooth, but it actually very porous.  That means that dirt and dust can easily settles into the little holes.  There are many different coatings that can be applied to ct replacement windows to fill in these microscopic holes and prevent dirt from penetrating the glass.  Hydrophobic coatings, such as silica-based coatings, repel water.  Hydrophobic coatings are effective in terms of creating a smooth protective surface on glass, but they can also lead to streaky windows.  Water is naturally attracted to itself, which causes it to bead.  Droplets of water run off windows slowly and unevenly and create streaks.   

If you are looking for replacement windows CT, you should consider windows with self-cleaning glass. SolarClean' Self-Cleaning Glass from Sunrise Windows, prevents water from beading.  Instead, SolarClean glass causes water to sheet off evenly.  It also chemically breaks up dirt on the surface of the glass, keeping your CT windows clean and shiny!



Self-cleaning glass contains titanium dioxide.  

Titanium dioxide is a white, powdery compound, often used in paint and toothpaste.  It may seem odd to use this same compound on your clear glass windows, but the coating applied is so thin it barely reduces the amount of light that can pass through. 

For comparison, an average interior tint blocks 30-60% of light, whereas an exterior titanium dioxide coating blocks no more than 5% of light, and is often used in conjunction with an interior tint for replacement windows, ct.


#1: Breaking up the dirt

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Titanium dioxide is activated by UV radiation and produces a negative electron and a positive H.  Hreacts with water (HO) to form OH, which is a powerful oxidation agent.   OHbreaks up carbon-based organic material (dirt) on the surface of the glass and turns it into COand HO. 


In non-scientific terms, it loosens the dirt on the surface of the glass so that it can be easily washed away.  Another advantage is that the cleaning mechanism works from the surface of the glass outwards, compared to manual window washing, which can actually scratch the glass because it entails scrubbing and rubbing dirt over the glass.  Still, with self-cleaning windows, once the dirt is broken up, it needs to be removed:    


#2: Washing the dirt away

Self-Cleaning Glass is hydrophilic, which means that it does react with water:  That means instead of bonding to itself and beading, the water spreads out evenly and 'sheets off.' As the water sheets off, it carries dirt with it.  Sheeting also means quicker drying and less streaking.

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Self-cleaning windows are more expensive than ct replacement windows with conventional glazing, but they are meant to last forever, so the money you save from window cleaning will make up for the extra cost eventually. 

Obviously for all this to work, water is essential!  Luckily Connecticut windows are exposed to a lot of rain, but if there has been a dry spell and your windows look a little grimy, you can just hose them down. 

Besides dirt, salt is probably the most common deposit on your windows.  Self-cleaning windows only break down carbon-based materials, and salt is not part of that group.  We always recommend Sunrise Windows for home replacement windows CT, but if you live on the ocean, skip the self-cleaning glass feature because you will have to wash your windows anyway.  For meriden ct windows, self-cleaning glass can pretty much eliminate the need for exterior window cleaning. 

Most self-cleaning windows operate in the same way, but we recommend Sunrise Windows because of their wide selection of features, and suitability for the CT climate:  This video explains when/why you need new windows, and really highlights the advantages of getting custum-fit frames for your CT replacement windows: 

The Windows section on our FAQ page has a lot of great information, as does the following guide.  Please contact us with any questions about replacing windows in CT.