You might think winter is where all of your productivity goes out of the window, but plenty of small indoor projects can be accomplished that will put you ahead of the curb for the spring. One of these tasks is a bathroom remodeling. Whether it's installing a new sink, laying down new tile or doing a complete tub to shower conversion, there are many advantages to getting these renovations done right now. Here are three reasons why a CT bathroom remodel is best in the winter.


When dealing with a winter remodeling project, you want a contractor or interior designer who will dedicate their time to you. Contractors are more available during the winter months because business is slower. Use this time to ask your designer as many questions as you'd like so your project comes out perfect.


There's really no guarantee that the expenses will be cheaper in the winter but customers typically have more leverage in negotating a better price for their renovations because contractors' clientele are usually smaller. You might also find materials at a discounted price if a contractor is out of your budget.


Do you really want to wait until the spring to start renovating your home? Finish all of your CT bathroom remodeling now, so you can live it up in the spring!