More Room

There is no better way to enjoy the summer then going outside and enjoying the heat and weather. By installing a Country Porch you can increase the amount of room you have to hangout, grill and entertain. When you install a country porch you have the chance to have a lot more space added to your home. Also since the summer offers such a calm breeze and amazing storms, your CT Country Porch is a great place to enjoy it from. If you enjoy the beauty of a booming thunderstorm then your country porch provides a safe and protected place to watch. Also your country porch is a great place to view a sunrise of sunset from as well.



Since many CT Country porches wrap around your home you can have quicker access to your side door. Also if you are throwing a party a country porch offers you a convenient place to grill and place food. Finally since your country porch is still outside it give you a place to wash the dirt off your feet or remove your snowy boots. By keeping the dirt on your easy to clean porch you can keep your home cleaner for longer.


Curb Appeal

A CT Country porch addition not only increases the size of your home but it also increases its curb appeal. The curb appeal of your home is important to its attractiveness and its resale value. There are many options to making your CT Country Porch custom to your home and style. Since a country porch offers many surfaces for you to paint you can beautifully contrast your home.