Before you start searching for a CT home remodeling contractor, you should know what to look for, so you are confident that you are hiring someone who will go above and beyond to perform the job correctly the first time.

Choosing an experienced and honorably home improvement contractor will ensure that the work is done to your specifications, will help you to avoid payment disputes, reduce problems throughout the project, and weed out scammers. Although this process can be time-consumming, the results are worth it. To assist you we have included an infographic by St. Louis Gutter & Siding, which details best practices for hiring a home remodeling contractor.


Remember that a remodeling contract should always include the following information:

  • The contractor's name, address and phone number
  • Estimated start and completion dates
  • A description of the work
  • Total project price
  • Payment schedule

Fiderio & Sons

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