Those ct homeowners who are building a new home or completely redesigning the existing one need to get the design for various parts of their home right the first time. This sentiment applies to bathrooms as well. Successful ct bathroom designs reflect the lifestyle of their user. Are people in your house always waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom? Is there enough room for two people? How often is the tub used? Can guests get to the bathroom without entering someone’s bedroom?

In order to satisfy the evernone's general needs, ct homeowners should observe how their current bathroom is used and should make note of any specific patterns.

This infographic by Glass Tile Store suggests how you can get the most from your bathroom layout:


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We all deserve a private place where we can relax in comfort, let go of tension, recharge our batteries and emerge refreshed and energized. Have you been dreaming about the perfect bathroom in your home? Download a free guide from your ct bathroom contractors, Fiderio & Sons, below to make your own dream bathroom wish list!