Energy efficient windows are a recommended idea for most home improvement projects, and this shouldn't come as a surprise to most ct homeowners, considering that windows are one of the main reasons for heat loss in a home.To make sure you are getting the best window possible, research the benefits of enhanced home security, UV lighting protection, sound attenuation, comfort control, and energy efficiency! For now, check out this blog, which includes an infographic by Jones Paint & Glass, detailing the "whys, the hows, & the ahas" of energy efficient replacement windows.


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Here at Fiderio & Sons, we have the expertise to help you through your replacement window process; that way, you will have the knowledge to understand whether it's time for you to replace, upgrade, or repair your windows. If you choose to hire a contractor, make sure you ask for references, estimates and detailed contracts and warranties before officially beginning any project with them. If you need any assistance with installation or repair, call on Fiderio & Sons today!