After long cold winters that are dense with snow your CT gutters and roofs have taken a beating. If your gutters leaked, broke, or even detached it is time that they need to be replaced. There are a few things you should look for when replacing your gutters.

Figure Out What Went Wrong

When you are in the market for new gutters you should figure out what went wrong with your old CT gutters. Most gutters start to face problems as they age and experience extensive abuse from thunderstorms and heavy snow and ice. Separation occurs when gutters are installed with seams that over time separate further and further. This separation becomes greater if ice forms between pieces and cause water to leak onto your house and foundation. A CT gutter can break if the weight within the gutter is too heavy for it to handle. If a CT gutter breaks then rain, snow, and ice can gather around your houses structure and foundation causing damage. Finally if your gutter fully detached from your house its caused from the weight in your gutter pulled the gutter loose from its brackets. This event can do damage to your houses roofing and siding.

Shopping for New Gutters

If any of these events have occurred you should consider them when in the market for new gutters. Look for seamless gutters that are made out of aluminum or copper. Also, look for gutters that have wide downspouts so that the water can flow freely. With gutter replacement, you should check to see if any rot or damage was done to the lower sections of your roof.