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Should I Replace or Remodel My CT Deck?

By bluecorona May 4, 2015

Connecticut homeowners understand that inspection and yearly maintenance of their hardwood deck is required to ensure the deck has a long life. Generally, a well-constructed wood deck can easily last for ten to twenty years, though extreme weather and inconsistent maintenance can reduce your deck’s life expectancy.

Frequently, homeowners purchase a home that already has a deck, so it is important to know exactly what the deck needs in order to remain useful and aesthetically pleasing. A thorough inspection is necessary for you to determine whether your deck needs to be repaired or replaced. Continue reading to learn what you should look for to help determine your next steps.

Evaluating Your Deck’s Condition & Next Steps

Connecticut deck remodelers can inspect the foundation and deck framing system. If they are intact, we can replace your deck’s walking surfaces and deck railings. To meet modern building code requirements, we may have to adjust the height of your deck railings; however, as long as the framing and foundation are intact, deck resurfacing is a quick and easy project.

If your deck’s foundation is still in good condition but the surfaces are weathered or dirty, you could pressure wash the surface and apply a refinishing treatment to transform your deck’s appearance, making it look like a new deck without the cost of an expensive remodel. You can evencomplete a power washing and refinishing project over the weekend! Check your local home improvement store for renting or purchasing equipment and supplies that you will need to finish your project. Remember: if your deck is showing signs of severe wear like wobbly stairs, soft wood or separating planks, there is a possibility that it is also becoming structurally unsound.

How to Handle Aesthetic & Structural Issues

Generally, older Connecticut decks are created with wood and require hours of seasonal maintenance. The boards can rot, attract termites; give you splinters, fade and stain. Not only can you refresh the appearance of your deck with a deck-remodeling project, but you can also opt for better materials that do not rot or warp.

If you want to rebuild your deck, we recommend composite decking. Composite decking does not stain or fade and is easy to wash, helping to cut down on maintenance hours.

Homeowners who are interested in ct home improvement often wonder about the tradeoffs of deck repair versus deck replacement. If you are having a hard time coming to a decision, we can present your options and the tradeoffs, so you can make an informed decision. When a deck has started to decay in one area, usually it is only a matter of time before other areas start to show signs of decay too. So, you could make an investment to repair the problematic area, buying you time until the next area decays, or you could go all in and rebuild the entire deck. In the long run, you will likely find that it is cheaper and more convenient to replace the entire deck all at once. Of course, which solution is ultimately best for the homeowner will vary on a case-by-case basis.

Fiderio & Sons | Connecticut Deck Remodeling

If you are considering doing the project yourself to save money, we suggest you at least speak to a professional first. We here at Fiderio & Sons can help you understand the full cost of the project, and we can probably help you figure out ways to save some money as well. If you hire someone, you will be adding labor costs, but that does not necessarily increase the overall cost of the project. We have the skills to remodel CT decks efficiently, and most importantly, expert installation will prevent the warranty from being voided. That alone has a lot of value. It can’t hurt to have a consult, especially when it’s free!


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