Summer Maintenance Tips for Designer Decks Meriden CT

By fiderioandsons Jun 23, 2014

Summer is officially here!  It’s time to start preparing for graduation parties, Fourth of July barbeques, family reunions, and other exciting events you might be hosting on your CT decks and designer decks!


After months of leaves, snow, and dirt covering the surface of your deck, chances are it needs a thorough cleaning.  To be sure that any cleaner you use does not evaporate, pick a cool, cloudy day to clean your deck.

Soap and Water: If, by some miracle, your deck does not appear very dirty or faded, you can simply use soap and water to gently scrub down the surface of your deck.  You may also consider using a cleaning solution found at your local home improvement store.  In that case, carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions listen on the bottle.  Once you have finished apply the soap or the cleaning solution, thoroughly rinse the surface with water.

Power Wash: If you have a composite or vinyl deck, power washing can easily rid the surface of any dirt, stains, or fading that the fall and winter months may have left behind.  If you have a wood deck, however, be very careful if using a pressure washer on your deck, as the powerful pressure can erode any areas with softer wood on the deck’s surface.  To get the best power wash possible, you should use a wide-spray nozzle that will cover larger areas of your deck and provide an even clean.  You also might want to consider hiring a professional to power wash your deck.

Inspection & Repair

Rot: Inspect your stairs, railing, benches, and other areas of your deck for signs of rot.  One easy way to check for rot is to poke areas with a flat-head screwdriver.  If you can push the screwdriver about 1/4 of an inch or farther into the surface, you have most likely found a rotting area.  Small areas can be scraped off and filled in; however, larger rotten areas may need to be replaced.

Nails: When nails or screws are sticking out of your deck, they are both unsightly and hazardous. Check your deck for any nails or screws that are protruding from the surface.  First, try to hammer or screw them back into the surface of your deck.  If they won’t stay, just pull them out and replace them with new nails or screws.

Ledger: The ledger of your deck is the part that connects your deck to your house.  You should always check your ledger’s durability, as many decks will collapse if the ledger is not sturdy.  Use a flashlight or other source of light to inspect underneath your deck where you can find the ledger.  While you are down there, be sure to look for other signs of mold, rot, and deterioration that may need repair.

Railing: If you have a railing around your deck, you should always double check its posts by shaking different sections of the railing.  You certainly do not want any loose or broken posts to collapse when someone leans on the railing at your party.  If some of the posts are loose, you should drill pilot holes and add galvanized lag screws for a sturdier structure.  While every crack or chip may not be dangerous, over time such wear can become more difficult to repair.  Check the areas where nails and screws have been inserted into the posts for signs of cracking.  If you find any, you can remove the old nails and screws, apply an exterior-grade adhesive, and insert a new fastener.

After you have cleaned and inspected your deck, you may want to contact a professional who can assist with deck repairs or deck remodeling CT.  When the summer comes to a close, you can then have the ideal designer deck for next summer!  But remember, preventative steps that can be taken in the fall, such as removing leaves, moving around your furniture, and sealing the surface of designer decks Meriden CT, will lessen the amount of cleaning and repair you will have to do before your 2015 summer parties.

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