For homes in Connecticut, a sunroom is an affordable way of adding space and value. Sunrooms let you enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Our sunroom customers have used their bright new space for many purposes, including a family room, game room, home gym, hobby room and children’s play area. You may be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it is to enjoy the benefits of a sunroom. There are many different options when it comes to sunrooms. The type of roof system, wall system, windows and doors all factor into the cost of a sunroom; however, a sunroom can provide a luxurious look to your home.These are some of the main benefits of a ct sunroom addition:

Sunrooms provide comfort year in and year out.  No matter what the weather is like outside, your sunroom will always provide comfort, keeping you safe from the elements at all times.  Add your own personal touch to your sunroom by using it to keep your plants safe when the weather changes.  You can also use your sunroom as an additional seating area in your home.  Many homeowners add seating to these rooms so they can enjoy a good cup of coffee or lunch with friends and family.  The natural light provided by this windowed room will perk anyone’s mood no matter what the day, the weather, or the reason may be.

Sunrooms can add value to a home. Home with sunrooms are proven to attract more potential buyers, as people love to have a great place for enjoyment and relaxation while not being directly exposed to the heat of the sun. A sunroom can be natural selling point for homes, as people will love to have a venue for their relaxation pursuits while staying at home. People also love the view of the outside and they love to take pleasure of the natural beauty of nature and the environment that surrounds the place. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report 2013, a new sunroom can give homeowners an average of a 46.5% return on investment. Modern sunrooms can be extremely energy efficient. Sunrooms capture the light and warmth of the sun, providing natural light instead of electric lighting.

Sunrooms add real space and the perception of space to your home. Sunrooms do add more space to your home. In general, you use this space with some patio furniture so you can enjoy your room. It is not meant for storage. The other benefit is that since sunrooms are open rooms with big windows, they can help create the perception that you have more space in your home.

Sunrooms can be used for a variety of purposes. Not only do they function as a great space for entertaining guests, but they can also serve as a family room, game room, home gym, hobby room, children’s play area and more. Sunrooms can serve many purposes, ranging from a full-fledged fancy living room with skylights and chandeliers or a cozy space with couches and natural light.

Additional space and added home value are important benefits that come from a sunroom addition, but there are other benefits that are more personal and difficult to evaluate in terms of dollars and cents.  A sunroom allows you to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of natural sunlight throughout the entire year.  The sense of comfort and relaxation that come with a sunroom are also excellent for reducing stress.

Your selection of sunroom windows in Connecticut should be based on how you intend to use your sunroom, how you feel about the climate, the side of your house on which the sunroom is located, and the time of year you intend to use it most. There are many types of Ct windows, and each offers certain advantages.  The most common types of sunroom windows are casement windows, awning windows, double-hung windows, picture windows, bay and bow windows, and slider windows.  For more information on types of replacement windows Ct, see our infographic.

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