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Tips to Keep Your CT Bathroom Warm During Winter

By Blue Corona Dev Feb 15, 2016

Warm CT BathroomIf you’re like me, I bet you’re tired of stepping out of your warm shower into a freezing bathroom in the morning, shivering and cursing winter. Your bathroom is meant to be one of the most comfortable rooms in your home, but that rarely feels true as the weather gets colder.

When the temperatures outside take a dive, your bathroom should raise – not drop – your body temperature. Here are a few methods, ranging from quick do-it-yourself projects to full home renovations, which can help make your bathroom feel cozier and warmer during the winter.

Check Your Windows

Unfortunately, your bathroom’s windows may be the culprit responsible for letting cold air in. Even the smallest crack in a window can result in an increase to your heating bill. We recommend checking to make sure that your windows are sealed air tight. If you determine that your windows aren’t up to par, you may want to consider installing new storm windows or extra insulation around your current windows to further protect your bathroom from the elements. This will not only keep your bathroom warm, it will save you money on your energy bill.

Consider Adding a Bathroom Rug

This sounds incredibly simple, but it can really make a difference. After all, who desires to step out of a warm shower onto a freezing cold floor first thing in the morning? Take a trip to your local store and buy a rug that will fit outside of your shower. There are additional benefits to this purchase, too. Rugs can be used to affect your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal, offering a nice homey feel, or giving you an excuse to add a festive holiday rug for seasonal decoration.

Adapt the Lighting

Lighting can have a large impact on how you perceive a room’s temperature. Most homeowners seem to pay little attention to their bathroom’s lighting. Sure,, you don’t want to opt for bright lighting that reminds you of an office or hospital, but dark lighting will intensify cold temperatures. We recommend that rather than having just one major light source hanging form your ceiling, you should consider having your lighting separated between the bath, shower, sink and mirror.

Installing Proper Ventilation

Throughout the warm months, it’s easy to get into the habit of ventilating your bathroom by opening windows. While this is an efficient and convenient method for ventilation, it just won’t cut it in the colder months, when heat will be lost quickly.

If your bathroom is lacking on ventilation, hire a contractor to install an extractor fan in your bathroom. This will help to prevent the need for opening a window. Extractor fan’s are helpful for retaining heat as well as assisting in removing undesirable odors from your bathroom.

Fiderio & Sons | CT Bathroom Remodelers

Remodeling a master bathroom can be both fun and frustrating. As your local CT bathroom remodeling contractors, we know the stressful process that homeowners go through when attempting to remodel any room in their home. While the bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, it can also be the most difficult room to remodel. If you want to remodel your master bathroom, but have no idea where to start, check out our free bathroom remodeling guide!

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