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Top 4 Mistakes People Make in Basement Remodeling Projects

By Blue Corona Dev Sep 22, 2014

Many homeowners who have an unfinished basement dream of having it finished someday. I can’t blame them. After all, an unfinished basement is a whole floor’s worth of space that can easily be transformed into any type of room your family needs (with a little planning of course!).

However, basement-finishing projects are hardly inexpensive and there are special challenges when it comes to choosing best finishes and configuration. Basements usually house utilities, plumbing, and wiring. They are also quite prone to moisture and water accidents.

As you can see, there is quite a big to take into consideration before you can tackle your project. Listed below are the four most common mistakes ct homeowners make with their basement remodeling projects.

Not Acquiring a Backup Sump Pump

Every year in Connecticut, millions of dollars are spent on basement flood cleanup, restoration, and the replacement of flood-damaged property. Even if your basement is properly waterproofed and has a good working sump pump, without a battery operated backup sump pump, you are at risk for a basement flood. Keep in mind; the same storms that have the potential to flood your basement can also cause power outages. In these cases, battery backups are useful (in case of a primary pump failure). After all, no power, no pump.

Attempting to Finish a Wet, Damp or Flood Prone Basement

Basements are prone to moistures and floods because of the way they are built. Essentially, your basement is a box of porous concrete, buried in wet ground, and when that ground becomes over saturated with water, the resulting hydrostatic pressure pushes the water against the foundation walls. Eventually, that water will find its way into your basement, through cracks, the joint between walls and floors, as infiltrating the concrete. To make matters worse, basements can also be flooded by plumbing leaks, broken water heater tanks and other water accidents. Without proper drainage, a reliable sump pump system, and proper dehumidification, no basement is dry enough to be finished.

Using Wooden Subfloors, Hardwood Floor, Cork or Bamboo

Basically, anything that is made with organic materials is a bad idea for basements. Manufacturers might tell you that these products are either naturally ‘mold resistant’ or are chemically treated to be so. Some wooden basement subfloor manufacturers might claim that the product has a vapor barrier and it is raised from the floor to keep the wood from soaking the moisture from the slab. However, read the small print. None of them really stand a chance to survive a flood, which can be caused by a plumbing leak, for example. Look for basement flooring solutions that are specifically engineered to withstand all sorts of basement moisture conditions.

Disregarding Moisture Control

So let’s say you did all the right things when finishing your basement. You provided drainage, a good sump pump with a battery backup. You chose all the right materials for the walls, floor and ceiling. Yet your basement still smells musty or you found some mold spots growing in the furniture, fabrics or paper. Although proper waterproofing and good basement finishing choices can greatly improve conditions in the basement, in some cases they will not suffice to control the moisture in the basement.

Fiderio & Sons

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