Warm bathroom remodel checklist

By fiderioandsons Dec 2, 2013

Warm bathroom remodel checklist

There is nothing worse than stepping out of a warm moist shower onto a cold floor in a dry chilly room.  If you have been dreading the exit from your shower or tub, we have some warm CT bathrooms designs for you! A lot of people think about remodeling the bathroom in the winter because it should be – and can be – a warm cozy escape from the cold. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t elect to take on a remodel project during the busy holiday season. One day bathroom remodeling can save a lot of hassle and money, and our ct bathroom designer has tips on how to create a dream bathroom that accounts for chilly winters. Our warm bathroom remodel checklist has ideas for you whether you are planning an extensive remodel, only have time for a one day bathroom remodel, or just want to add some cozy touches to what you have!

Floor material: Carpeted floors are not recommended for bathrooms because of the potential mold problems, and hard floors feel colder, but not all hard floors are created equally. Cork and Bamboo floors are warm and beautiful, but you should leave installation to the professionals, especially for bamboo. Contact Fiderio & Sons for any bathroom remodeling services. As far as tiles go, vinyl is warmer than ceramic or porcelain. It is also less expensive, and you can do it yourself.  If you want to do a quick bathroom remodel in several phases, you can have a professional take care of bath and shower upgrades and then do the flooring yourself when you get a chance.

Floor heating: Floor heating often entails laying tubing or hoses under your existing flooring.  This is a good option if you are remodeling your bathroom anyway, but there are simple solutions if you are not.  Electric floor heating has easy to install options with self-adhesive mats and programmable thermostats.

Counters: If you have been leaning away from your countertops while flossing because you don’t want them to steal any heat from you, you may want to change the material. Porcelain and marble feel colder to the touch than ceramic or acrylic.

Bathtub Material: Some bathtubs lose heat quickly.  Luxsan Acrylic baths keep the water warm 4 times longer than a traditional tub does, and the great news is that this is what is installed during a one day bathroom remodel! A heat-retaining tub can easily be installed in just one day without any demolition.

Bathroom lighting CT: Lamps and chandeliers produce heat in addition to light.  If you have a ceiling light, you can replace it with a heat lamp.  Infrared light bulbs produce a lot more heat than traditional bulbs.  Adding any lighting will heat the bathroom to some degree, just make sure bulbs are compatible with your lighting fixtures.  There are many things to consider when it comes to bathroom lighting, but we have some design tips to get you started.

Heating: Adding a heating unit to your bathroom makes it a lot more pleasant to exit the tub without having to blast heat throughout the whole house.  Heating units create instant warmth in bathrooms and can be set with a 60-minute timer.

Windows: Bathrooms are typically much smaller than other rooms in your home. That means a leaky window can cause significant amount of heat loss. Window frames in bathrooms are the most vulnerable to warping because of the constant temperature and humidity changes. A rotten old window frame can also contain mold that may be making you sick. Check to see if your windows are drafty and replace them right away. Sunrise windows are ideal for bathrooms because vinyl can withstand the humidity changes, and each frame is custom fit. Certain window treatments can also help insulate.

Toilets: Toilet seats can feel just as cold as the bathroom floor. The temperature of the toilet seat is actually the same as the temperature of the room, and the carpet, but all are colder than you. Most toilet seats are made of plastic, which doesn’t conduct heat as well as metal, but it certainly can “steal” heat from you faster than your carpet can.  Wood conducts heat conduct more slowly than plastic so a wood toilet seat wouldn’t feel as cold, but they are a bit trickier to clean. Why not go for a heated toilet seat? You can keep your existing toilet and just replace the seat. If you are in the market for a new toilet anyway, get a sleek modern heated toilet system. See National Builder Supply’s recommendations for heated toilet seats.

One day bathroom remodeling makes it possible to create your dream bathroom during the busy holiday season.  Being cold and wet is a bad way to start the day- Remodeling your bathroom can significantly improve your everyday life. Fiderio & Sons offers CT bathroom design advice for any of your needs and we wish you a cozy, warm, and bright holiday season.

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