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What Are the Benefits of Velux Skylights?

By Blue Corona Dev Jan 1, 2016

If you want to enhance the current aesthetics of your home, skylights are a worthy investment. They allow an impressive amount of natural light to illuminate your room, while offering you a “front-seat” view of the night sky. On top of that, like many other architectural enhancements, skylights can boost the resale value of your home. So, in this post, we will discuss a few of the reasons to consider installing skylights as part of your next remodeling or renovation project.

Wide Variety of Options

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of available options for skylights, including roof windows that you can use to transform an unused room into a sunny functional area filled with fresh air. Skylight windows have double-glazed options that offer controllable ventilation either through manual adjustment or electronically operated vent flaps. Fixed skylight models are best for areas of your home where more ventilation is not necessary. Also, tubular devices that capture direct sunlight and diffuse it at ceiling level around the room can be used if you wish to reduce glare.

Natural Ventilation

In addition to being available in a wide variety of options, skylights have the ability to provide natural ventilation. Of course, this is provided that you have the hinged-style, which allows you to open the window up to let fresh air in. There are some skylights that can be operated using a remote, which is handy if you need to quickly close the window due to rain, loud noises, or unpleasant smells.

Increase Property Value

If you are adding skylights to your home in an effort to increase your potential resale value, you’re on the right path. In fact, you may want to consider environmentally friendly and sustainable design features, as they are a “must” these days. So, make sure to discuss the best type of skylight for your particular climate, as well as the orientation of your home (with respect to the sun) with an industry professional.

Breath Life Into Small Rooms

As you know, your typical incandescent bulb will put off an unnatural yellow glow; however, Velux skylights pull in bright, white, natural daylight into rooms. So if you have a room in the corner of your home that isn’t used to often, it may be an ideal place to add skylights.

Fiderio & Sons | Velux Skylight Installation

Skylight installation is not something that you should try to save money on. This is a job that has to be done right. To prevent problems it is important that you hire a professional. A contractor will make sure the job is done properly.

A contractor will help you decide the best placement for your skylight. They will make sure that it is energy efficient, waterproof and wind resistant. These factors are important when investing in a skylight. You will get a product that is high quality and installed properly with Fiderio & SonsIf you are not sure whether or not skylights are a good fit for your home, get in touch with us! We can absolutely help talk you through the inherent advantages and disadvantages. Alternatively, if you already have skylights installed and want to ensure that there isn’t any roof damage or leaking around the edges, we can assist you with that as well!


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