What Are the Top Avoidable Mistakes for CT Home Remodeling Projects?

By fiderioandsons Jan 13, 2016

Home improvement projects can be viewed as a beacon of light, offering the opportunity to transform your house into a home. Over time, homeowners plan renovations to transform their living space into rooms that reflect their personal tastes and desire for comfort. Unfortunately, without proper planning, you may find that projects do not always go according to plan; in fact, according to a recent interactive study, “85 percent of homeowners say remodeling can be more stressful undertaking than actually buying a home.” (Source). However, if you are about to begin a new home improvement project, you can simplify the process so that it runs more smoothly by avoiding these common home remodeling mistakes.

Picking the First Contractor That Seems Like a Good Fit

Make sure that you take your time during the contractor review process and secure several bids. Ideally, you will want to assess each prospective contractor’s previous references. If you are unsure about a contractor’s reliability or previous experience, check with your local Better Business Bureau to verify if the contractor has been reported in the past. Verify that all prospective contractors are insured, as you wouldn’t want to hire someone who could damage your home without paying back damage cost. If the contractor is subcontracting work, the subcontractors must be insured as well.

If you’ve found a contractor who is verified to be reliable, and has the appropriate insurance, take some time to determine that they fit your personality and are open to communication. You will want to find a contractor who has the time to sit down with you and lay out his or her plan for the remodel, showing you the breakdown of labor and materials. If you would like more assistance, check out our posts, Tips On Selecting The Best Remodeling Contractor or 3 Major Contractor Scams To Avoid.

Making Your Home Stick Out Like a Sore Thumb

You will sabotage your home’s resale value and sour relationships with your neighbors if you dramatically change your home’s size or façade in a way that directly contracts with the rest of the homes in your neighborhood. For example, if you live in an area predominately fitted with ranch style homes, you wouldn’t want to transform your home in a way that matches Victorian style, as it would stick out and wouldn’t fit in well with the neighborhood aesthetic. If you’re in a neighborhood with an existing aesthetic, there’s rarely a situation where it’s a good idea to deviate from the pack. Your best bet is to make your home blend in with its surroundings (that is, if you want to increase or maintain your current resale value).

You Haven’t Set a Budget

Setting a budget seems like an intuitive step of the project planning process, however, many homeowners neglect this step, much to their eventual chagrin. It’s essential that you develop a basic project budget to make sure that your project does not drain your finances. If your budget is inflexible to the point where you can’t afford the materials you prefer, it may be in your best interest to postpone the project and save more money. Without a set budget, it is all too easy to overspend when you impulsively think an extra addition is necessary.

Worrying about coming up with money to pay for materials and labor also can induce stress. Avoid the anxiety by setting yourself a firm budget.

Putting a “Band-Aid” Over a Real Problem

It’s important that you’re honest with yourself, setting realistic expectations about what really needs to be accomplished so that you’re not just covering up a problem temporarily. For example, you may want to reface your kitchen cabinets, even though your entire kitchen cabinetry may need to be ripped out and replaced entirely. In this case, it’s best not to put a “band-aid” over the issue. Take time to listen to your contractor’s advice. Ideally, you have chosen a reliable and competent contractor who will give you well-informed, honest answers that are best for you and the outcome of your project.

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