Purchasing new replacement windows for your home can be an exciting experience. They will improve the aesthetic appeal, function, and the energy efficiency of your home.There are many factors to consider when choosing replacement windows; homeowners will need to decide on the appearance, type, and brand that fits their home best If you are contemplating a purchase of replacement windows for your home be sure to ask these four important questions when you are consulting window companies about installation:

How Much Energy Savings Can I Expect With New CT Replacement Windows?

Homeowners often update their windows to boost the energy efficiency of their home. Good energy efficient windows are able to seal in heat and air conditioning, in addition to preventing dust infiltration. Ask if the windows available are Energy Star rated. Remember to also check with your tax consultant (if you have one) about filing for a federal income tax credit for installing energy-efficient windows.

What Is the Estimated Price- Including Labor- for the Window Installation?

Requesting a complete, itemized estimate is essential to your project. The estimate should detail the cost of the window replacements themselves, installation materials, and the labor involved, as well as a timeframe of how long the installation may take. Be sure to ask if there is a discount for installing a certain number of windows at once. Some places may even offer financing to help fit your budget. You never want to spend more than you should have, or have to stop the remodel halfway through because you do not have the appropriate funds anymore. Your contractor will need to know how much money you are willing to invest and how to stay in-line with that price. As a general rule of thumb, it is wise to add in extra money, around 10% of the remodel cost, to cover unexpected repairs that can arise.

How Will the Replacement Windows Match the Exterior and Interior? Can They Be Customized?

You want your replacement windows to match your home’s current look both inside and outside. Being custom-made, there are many options for you to choose from when selecting replacement windows. There are double-hung, casement, picture, awning, and many more styles to chose from, as well as aluminum, wood, fiberglass and vinyl materials. On top of that, each of these come in different colors and trims, as well as have different costs. Make sure your window appearance compliments both the inside and outside of your home as well as your personal style.

Be sure to ask your window consultant how your new ct windows can match the material, color, and style of the existing structure and if they can be customized to fit your home. New windows won’t matter if they don’t fit the current look of your home.

Are Replacement Windows Available to Fit My Needs? If Not, How Can Existing Window Types Be Adapted?

This two-part question is especially important for older homes where window sizes may not be standardized. Ask if standard window sizes will fit into your house’s layout, and if not, whether they can be adjusted. For example, say the available windows are an inch short of the frame– a header can be inserted to fill in the gap and to seal the window completely.

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By asking the right questions during a CT window consultation, you can be sure to find the windows that fit your home perfectly and can be installed according to your budget and time frame. Then you can begin reaping the energy savings and taking pride in your home’s new appearance. You can speak to an expert CT home improvement contractor about your CT replacement windows, if you are seeking a consultation. Fiderio & Sons would be honored to answer your questions or assist you in any of your home improvement and remodeling needs!