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Why Is My CT Porch Roof Leaking?

Your front porch is a great place to sit and enjoy pleasant weather without being subjected to all of the elements. Most people like to sit on their porch and enjoy the gentle pitter-patter of rain; however, when your porch roof is leaking, it can prevent you front enjoying your porch. It can be difficult to locate the exact point of a leak: It may appear to come from one area, but water is sneaky and can move in unexpected paths. So before we go any further, you should try to determine where the leak is coming from, if possible. If your CT porch has a finished ceiling, try removing a few boards and check the underside of the roof sheathing for water stains. Water stains can be helpful for pinpointing the leak’s location.

In this blog post we will discuss typical reasons why porches leak, and we will offer insight as to how you can fix a leaky porch roof.

Why Is My Porch Roof Leaking?

Damaged Flashing: There are numerous causes of leaky porch roofs, but most are likely due to a damage in your roof’s flashing rather than the roofing material, unless the roofing material is too old and nearing the end of its life
Weak Old Gutters: 
If you ignore the symptoms of dying gutters, your porch can bear the brunt of the punishment leading to water damage and rotting interior walls. These issues are certainly expensive to fix and can be avoided if you take the correct measures beforehand. If you notice that there are any spots on your porch where paint is peeling, your gutters may be the cause. Overflowing or leaking gutters can cause water to drip down the side of your home, letting the paint peel as a result of prolonged exposure to moisture.

How Can I Fix a Leaky Porch Roof?

Replace Roof Flashing: Flashing is a thin strip of weatherproof material, which can be installed to help deflect water from seals and joints, protecting your porch and home from damage. However, flashing can be tricky to install, so it is best that you request the help of a professional. Aluminum is the most popular choice for roof flashing since it’s so easy to work with. If you are looking for a higher quality material, you may want to consider tin, sheet lead or copper.

Repair Broken Shingles: If you notice that any of your shingles are damaged or cracked, you should determine if they need to be replaced or if they can be repaired easily. Typically, small cracks in your shingle can be repaired through the use of a sealant; however severely damaged shingles should be replaced with new ones.

Install Gutter Covers: If your gutters are clogged with debris, rainwater and melted snow or ice has nowhere to go and often spills over the gutter’s edge onto the ground near your home. This may not seem terribly damaging; however, over time, the excess spillage can seep into your foundation and cause buckling, cracking or shifting, which in turn may cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Read about the “7 Benefits Of Gutter Covers,” if you want to learn more.

Fiderio & Sons | Porch Repair | Porch Maintenance

If you are looking for a roof inspection, call us and set up an appointment. The experts at Fiderio & Sons have years of experience with roof maintenance. We cannot emphasize enough the significance of roofing in maintaining a sturdy functional porch. As we head towards the warmer days of summer, chances are you could use some gutter work as well, so give us a call for a free estimate, roof & porch maintenance tips, or help for any other CT home improvement project.

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