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Bathroom Additions in Meriden, Connecticut

Bathroom home additions are a great way to add space, functionality, and value to your investment. The process allows you to employ your creativity by incorporating some of today’s most popular trends while staying true to your renovation goals. Bathroom additions are an exciting process to be a part of. Fiderio & Sons is proud to offer our clients a one-of-kind experience. We work with you and listen closely to your needs to create a home addition you will fall in love with. With over 39 years of experience crafting custom designs for clients throughout the Meriden, Connecticut, area, our team is ready to get you to the finish line in style.

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Benefits of Bathroom Additions

A bathroom is a great addition to any home. Improve your quality of life while also enjoying the following worthwhile benefits of your bathroom addition:

  • Increase your home’s value
  • Create more usable space
  • Plan for family growth
  • Allow a dedicated space for guests
  • Prepares for those with limited mobility (if on the first floor)
  • Adds privacy

Transform any space in your home into one with maximum appeal and resale value with a modern, new bathroom addition.

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What Areas of Your Home Are Good for Bathroom Additions?

Not every space can fit all that a bathroom may require. Most bathroom additions require a 25-square-foot area of space to fit a bathtub or shower, toilet, and sink. Deciding where to put your bathroom addition will also hinge on where your existing water and waste piping reside unless you plan to hire a professional plumber to get water to flow to the room of your choice.

Some common areas that homeowners use for an additional bathroom space include:

  • Closet
  • Hallway
  • Master bathroom
  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Under a staircase

Before moving forward with a bathroom addition project, consult with a professional to evaluate your situation to prevent unnecessary building mishaps that could amplify your costs and time.

Make Fiderio & Sons your first call and see what our award-winning service is all about! Our family-owned and -operated business and experienced team can assist you with your bathroom addition so that the result perfectly coincides with your vision.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Additions

What is the return on adding a bathroom?

The national average return on investment for a bathroom remodel is approximately 70.1%.

Do I need a shower or just a tub?

Accidents can happen that make getting in and out of a tub difficult. Add value to your home and better functionality by ensuring you have at least one walk-in shower in your home.

What bathroom ventilation is needed?

Moisture-filled air can lead to mold or mildew issues that are bad for your health and can break down your building materials. Ventilation fans help reduce moisture in the bathroom.

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